"Collection Creator gives you the power to transform a
bunch of files into a fantastic product that will
please your customers, friends and family."
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I consider Greg Moore to be a top-notch software engineer.  When he gave me a sneak preview of his new product, I was blown away.  Greg made me realize that collections will be the wave of the future.  Anyone can use Greg's software to create unique products quickly, including collections of ebooks, graphics, documents, audio files and just about any type of electronic information.  Immediately, I started using Collection Creator to create several new products and manage the thousands of files that I deal with daily.

Ebook authors, Internet Entrepreneurs and small business owners give yourself an advantage over the competition.  In a matter of minutes, you can use the Collection Creator Software to create stunning products or promotions that will attract many more customers.  Collection Creator Software is also the best file management system I have ever found.  The fact that Collection Creator also automatically creates self-extracting CDs and Internet files is a huge bonus and a great way to please your customers.”

Michael Williams
Co-founder Mind Like Water, Inc. 
Have you noticed something lately?

The number of files you have to keep track of in your daily life is out of control.  PDF files, HTML files, Word files, JPEG files, Gif files…

Where does it end?

Right here. 

Hi.  My name is Greg Moore.

Working as a Software Engineer in 1999, I got fed up with files and file management.  So for the next three years, I started perfecting a software product that would end the daily grind of file management and give anyone the power to transform a bunch of ugly files into a unique product.  By converting single files into “Collections” you can instantly create many new products that will effectively promote your business and be desired by your customers.    

Take music CDs for example.

When you go to the store to buy a CD you think of a collection of songs, not a bunch of files.  You can play and enjoy the CD without worrying about the files names.  You also get graphics, song lists and info about the band with the CD.  I have never met anyone that does not like buying new, music CDs.          

The music industry has done a great job of converting a bunch of files into something that everyone wants, knows and recognizes.  Why can’t computers give you something this cool, easy to use and remember?

That’s where collections and Collection CreatorTM come in.  With Collection Creator you can quickly convert a bunch of files into a collection, something that everyone will want and remember you by.  The collections can include graphics, text, web pages, audio files and links.  Collection Creator also allows you to build into your collections any advertising or special offers you want.  You can even password protect your collections.  

When you are ready to distribute your collection, Collection Creator gives you the power to create CDs or Internet files that load automatically on your customers’ computer.      

But the best part is how quickly and easily you can use Collection Creator to create a unique product.  Follow these five steps and you can create your first collection in about five minutes:

1. Fill in your company information and select new collection.

2. Choose the files you want to use in your collection and name your collection.

3. Select the keywords that best describe your collection or use the item generator to automatically select your keywords

4. Verify your collection.

5. Finally, create your collection with the customized features you want.  You can customize the graphics your customers see and create a self-extracting CD and Internet file.

That’s it.

In just under five minutes you have a collection that will be prized by your customers, friends or family members.

Here is a small fraction of the ways Collection Creator can be used:

Ebook authors and publishers.  Collection Creator can be used to transform your ebooks into something your customers will remember.  Instead of sending your readers just a bunch of files, they will be able to download your collections from the Internet or automatically upload your collection from a CD.  When your readers open your collection, they will see a customized splash screen that you create.  You can include graphics, links and special offers in the splash screen.  Once your readers open your collection, they can browse through the collection using the built in Collection Cruiser software that is installed by Collection Creator.  When you readers buy new collections, Collection Cruiser will automatically update their collection directory to include your new collections.  You can also send multiple file formats in one collection so your readers can purchase your collections with no hassles and not worry about whether they can read your collections on different platforms.

Internet Entrepreneurs.  Collection Creator can be used to create professional collections to showcase your company’s products and services.  You can also use Collection Creator to rapidly create many different types of products.  This is perfect for product testing and attracting a wider audience for your existing products.

Business Owners.  Tired of managing files.  Collection Creator includes a special archive feature that will allow your employees to share collections without the hassle of managing files.  This is handy for products under development or file sharing between offices.  Using the archive feature, files can also be compressed for fast email delivery.  Keeping track of collections is a lot easier than keeping track of a bunch of files.

Musicians, band members and music fanatics.  Collection Creator can be used to create your own CD collections for distribution to fans, friends or family members.  You could even use Collection Creator to launch your own record label.

Hobbyists.  Create collections of your favorite websites, graphics and instruction manuals.  Use the collections that your create to generate income for your hobby or share your collections with fellow hobbyists.

Web designers.  Collection Creator can be used to manage those graphic files you are always looking for.  You can also use Collection Creator to create clip art collections that you can sell over the Internet or promotional advertisements to convey your graphic expertise to Web Site Owners.

Job seekers.  Paper resumes are a thing of the past.  If you really want to impress potential employers, send them a collection that includes your resume, your picture and a jazzy splash screen that promotes your best qualities.

Collection Creator comes with a detailed help manual that takes you step by step through every detail.  Order Collection Creator now for only $97 $57 introductary price and receive the following bonus gifts:

Free Web Page to Display Your Collection
For the next 6 months you can display your collection on Mind Like Water's website.  Mind Like Water receives over 1500 visitors per day and specializes in helping people market themselves and their products online. 

Free copy of Supercharge Your eBook Profits
eBooks have become one of the best Internet business models.  This book contains advice on how to create and promote your own ebook.  Now with Collection Creator, you can password protect your ebooks, create downloadable ebook collections and distribute your ebooks on CD with automatic program installation. 

I am convinced that Collection Creator will give you a competitive advantage if you are selling ebooks, seeking employment or promoting your business.  Collection Creator is also the best program available for sharing and managing files with employees, customers, friends and family.  

I am offering a full 45-day, money-back guarantee and remember all of our online transactions are guaranteed to be safe. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send me a quick note and I'll be happy to refund 100 percent of your money.

Order Collection Creator

I wish you success,

Gregory Moore

P.S. What are you waiting for? For only $97 $57 introductary price , you have a no risk opportunity to try out Collection Creator for yourself. 

P.S.S Looking for more information?  Visit the official Collection Creator website at http://www.collectioncreator.com

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