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The Mind Like Water Monthly is NO LONGER 
Being Published as of 2005. 
Do not sign up below.

Ebook Community and Newsletter

Join our ebook community and receive our free newsletter, the Mind Like Water Monthly! This newsletter has a different look for 2004, but our goal is still the same: helping the ebook community. We'll be focusing our attention on what it takes to get your ebooks into the library market. And for those of you who just want to read a good book, we'll still be featuring great nonfiction, fiction and kids titles by ebook authors.

The newsletter is sent in html format. If you can't receive email in that format, all of our issues are archived below on this page. 

Dear Diane,

I just read my first issue of Mind Like Water' s newsletter and was WOW'ed! I usually don't sign up for these kinds of things (ego problems, ehehehe). I did this time, hoping you'd put my books on your site, and then later I could cancel (devious mind).

I have now become a Mind Like Water junkie, plowing through the archives. I had NEVER looked at marketing that way! Sheesh! (slaps self on forehead).

Now I'm going to re-do my entire website! Uh... thanks, I think. *grin*

Fire Foxx

For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter and receive a  Free eBook: Million Dollar Ideas.

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If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please e-mail us at newsletter@mind-like-water.com.

To receive our newsletter, simply provide us with your name and email address using the form on this page (or our home page). Or send an email to newsletter@mind-like-water.com and put "subscribe" plus your full name in the subject line. Please note: We will NOT sell, rent or market our visitors' personal identification to ANY outside parties. PERIOD. 

It is easy to leave our ebook community, although we hope you won't!  You can email us anytime at newsletter@mind-like-water.com and put "unsubscribe" in the subject line; or you can reply to the email containing the newsletter and put "unsubscribe" in the subject line. 

If you change your email address, be sure to update us by using the subscription form or notifying us by email.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter!  If so, we invite you to forward it to your friends.

To read past issues of the Mind Like Water Monthly, click on a link below:

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Thank you for featuring me and my books in your newsletter. I am pleased with this wonderful exposure!


Mary E. Trimble


Bravo! Excellent newsletter. And the e-catalog looks very fine. Congratulations.


Joan Bramsch



I have to compliment you on the most interesting questions I've ever been asked during an interview. Bravo! I really enjoyed filling out this interview. ... 

Thanks again! : ) 

-- Karen Wiesner
author of Reluctant Hearts



I am writing to you to request an interview for your newsletter. I have found "Mind Like Water" to be instrumental in getting my ebook publicized. Thank you for this fabulous site!


Julie Donner Andersen
Author of Past: Perfect! Present: Tense! Insights From One Woman's Journey As The Wife Of A Widower.


Hi Mike --

 I just wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for the excellent content in your ezine. WOW, and this month's another winner! ... Keep up the extraordinary work and I'll keep forwarding your zine in its entirety to folks I think are good candidates to subscribe!
Jody Murphy, MS


Dear Michael:
Thank you very, very much for the nice interview!  I really appreciate both you and your newsletter! ...

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
author of This Is The Place
For a free first chapter or to order, email carolynhowardjohnson@sendfree.com.

Full Name
Email Address
Reader Author Publisher Other


I like your newsletter a lot and I particularly loved the interview with Terry Dawson. The questions and the answers were both thoughtful and thought provoking. I literally wanted to get in on the discussion, especially when it came to selling e-books. So many times interviews are just the standard questions and answers: How did you become a writer? OH, I always wanted to write! I've done that sort of thing myself and decided never to do it again. But I'd love to be interviewed by Mind Like Water. Please send me more information on how to go about it. In closing, I just wanted to tell you that I am passing on some tips from your newsletter (along with a link to subscribe) to my publisher's author's list. Thanks for a great newsletter.

-- Christine Duncan
author of Safe Beginnings


Dear Diane:

I found your newsletter to be very interesting. "The Tuesday Effect" is right on the mark. I sell more books on Tuesday than any other day. I had wondered why and now I know. Also, the idea that I should have a phone number on my web site makes a great deal of sense and I'm going to do that. Please continue to send me your Mind Like Water Monthly. I would very much appreciate that.

Thank you,

-- Dan Baldyga
author of Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim (How To Evaluate And Settle Your Loss)


...just a note to say it was very refreshing to get a newsletter with useful information and no hype. Bravo!

-- Alexandria K. Brown, President, AKB & Associates
Dynamic Copywriting for Marketing Communications


Thank you for the newsletter. Unlike most such periodicals, it really provides useful information.

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