The Truth About Anthrax

Should You Be Concerned About Anthrax?

Every day, millions of people are searching the Internet trying to find information on anthrax.

What are they finding?

Very little.

In fact, if you were to survey available information, you would find three things:

  • A handful of generic government web sites.
  • Some highly technical papers that few people can understand.
  • A few cheesy anthrax prevention products.

There is so little credible information regarding anthrax that the government and the media failed to realize the potential for cross mail contamination until it was too late. Never before in the history of our country has there been a subject so important to our well being that is so poorly understood.

How do I know this?

For the past 15 years I have been working as an environmental scientist on hazardous waste sites. Throughout my career, I have helped thousands of people cope with chemical and biological wastes that have contaminated their homes, land or other personal property. Based on my experience, only a handful of people know anything about biological hazards.

Fed up with the lack of information, I got motivated. I decided that everyone should have access to the best information possible. To accomplish this objective, I wrote The Truth About Anthrax.

The Truth About Anthrax is based on thorough research and my hazardous waste experience, and is written in concise, simple language so anyone can understand it. To inspect the product for yourself, I invite you to read a sample chapter and review the testimonials from satisfied customers.

Sound good?

If you purchase one copy of my book for only $9.97, I will give my email address and you can ask me any questions you want regarding anthrax!

To back up my product, I am offering a full 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send me a quick note and I'll be happy to refund 100 percent of your money.

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The Truth About Anthrax

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The Truth About Anthrax


Bryan Rundell

P.S. Remember, with our money-back guarantee, you have a no-risk opportunity to examine the product for yourself.

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