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This directory provides links to investing information.  Information profiled includes biographical information on famous investors, stock research utilities, free stock quotes, free stock screeners, free real estate investing courses information on Dow Jones Stocks, S & P 500, mutual funds, real estate investing, tax lien certificates, tax deed sales and much more.

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Real Estate Investing Definitions

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Assumable Loan
Balloon Payment
Blanket Mortgage
Buyers Agent
Capitalization Rate CAP Rate
Competitive Market Analysis 
Comparable Market Analysis 
Deed Of Trust
Discount Points
Dual Agent
Due Diligence
Earnest Money
Fair Housing Act
Federal Housing Administration FHA
Home Equity
Home Equity Loan
Home Fixture
For Sale By Owner FSBO Fizbo
General Warranty Deed
Hud Housing and Urban Development
Investing Real Estate Opportunities
Joint Tenant
Legal Description
Lien Mechanics Lien
Mortgage Insurance Premium MIP
Multiple Listing Service MLS
Personal Property
Phase I Environmental Assessment
PITI Principal Interest Taxes
PMI Private Mortgage Insurance
Quit Claim Deed
Real Estate
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Brokers
Real Estate Commission
Real Estate Contract
Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investor
Real Property
REITs Real Estate Investment Trusts
Tax Lien
Tax Lien Certificates