Tide Turning

So goes the tide....

Our social values identify the way we live.  In turn, we support political leaders who provide rules to protect or discourage these values.  As rules are provided, their legal enforcement and interpretation often force, again, social and cultural values.  And so goes the tide....

Welcome to Tide Turning, where you can explore the social, political and legal issues that affect your lives.

Ebb and Flow is our point-counterpoint forum on controversial issues such as religion, drug use, and taxes.  The tide's coming in right now.

Rev up to 45 RPM - irreverent comedy in our new cartoon.

Rethinking the World presents alternative viewpoints on issues impacting the global community.  

The Wave just crashed into shore. Read our feature articles.  

Visit the Tidal Pool to find links to web sites dealing with social, political and legal topics.

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