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Young Adult eBooks: General Fiction

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The Good People of Coralville, by Lazette Gifford. Tony unexpectedly is given a chance at a new start. There's just one catch, he's sent to a very strict foster home in a small town.
After School Special, by Jeremy Shipp. Opening up a restaurant in a haunted house with a man-eating fridge, a giant rat, a mute hobo, etc...has never been so strange. 
Horses By E-Mail, by Staci Wilson. Two horse-loving teens develop a friendship through letter writing. They eventually meet where they are both competitors in an exclusive horse show. Can their friendship survive the competition? 
The Snowmobile Challenge, by Linda Aksomitis. Brad is a 16-year-old with lots of problems. His family has just moved from a city to a small town, forcing him to change schools for the second semester of the school year, and it looks like he'll never make friends or fit in. And Dad -- well living with him is a big pain! But the big thing always in the back of Brad's mind is the recent death of his best friend in a snowmobile accident, an accident Brad feels responsible for.
The Summer of the Loon, by Jeanette MacDonald Dillon. Chuckie, 12, has lost his mother to a car accident and his Dad is too occupied by his own pain to see that his son needs him. Before long, Chuckie's dad admits himself to a clinic specializing in addictions and Chuckie goes to stay with his reclusive Great Grandmother. There he experiences a number of odd occurrences and by exploring these strange events, Chuckie solves a tragic mystery that has haunted his Gram's life. 
Mystic, by Joyce Lynn Dorf. Fourteen-year-old Teddy hates her father Donald and loves a dappled-gray gelding that she names Mystic. Teddy takes comfort in being as different from Donald as day is from night. She will never be like him because she watches over her own morality with miserly attention - until Mystic's owner plans to sell him to a shoddy riding stable. Teddy now finds herself cornered and dishonesty seems the only way out. 
Camper of the Year, by Ann Herrick. Find out what happens when Ellie has to spend the summer in a camp full of boys!
Dear Mr. Kapps, by Robert Ferrier. A young cancer victim, Rafe, tells of his experiences and reveals his innermost feelings in a series of letters to Mr. Kapps, his favorite comedian. 
The Season's Not Over, by Brian Gotta. Eddie, who pitches for the Coyotes in the Oakdale City League, has to battle his feelings of rivalry and resentment against a teammate, Chase, who is trying to win the league's best pitcher award at Eddie's expense. 
Rimsky Rises, by William Hammett. This mostly hilarious, sometimes poignant, look at life through the eyes of the young teenager Rimsky will leave you wanting more. 
Mail Order Monster, by Linda Joy Singleton. Desperate for a friend to call her own, 11-year-old Skye Jones decides to find herself a pen pal. It isn’t until the mysterious truck arrives and unloads Hobbi that she discovers she hasn’t ordered a friend for life… but a fiend! For middle-grade children. 
Friends Forever, by Maryann Miller. Terrified that she will lose her best friend to the most popular girl in school, Debbie will do almost anything to hang on to her. When her efforts backfire, Debbie finds out that true friendship is based on much more than looks or popularity. 
Cariboo Heart, by Nancy Oswald. Anna’s world is crumbling before her as she struggles with the hardship of life in the remote area of Empire Valley, British Columbia. It is through the calm reassurance of the Native woman, Rosie, that Anna is able to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life. 
An Unconditional Love, by Cassy Ashton Porter. Thirteen-year-old Jami couldn't remember what true love was like. After moving from one foster home to another, she was now moving in with her aunt and uncle - and is afraid they'll learn her dark secret. 
The Feud, by Tonya Taylor Ramagos. Carmen and Tony Morris learn about love, trust and betrayal as they encounter "the feud," a personal rivalry, as well as one which spills over into their entire school life.
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