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Young Adult eBooks: Fantasy

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Captain Angus, The Lighthouse Ghost, by Wendy Laing. Two children holidaying at the Cape Otway Lighthouse Station in Victoria, Australia meet the ghost of an old Scottish Sea Captain who roams the world helping the “spirits” of lighthouses.
The Other Elizabeth, by Karleen Bradford. The year was 1813, the war with the new United States of America was building -- and Elizabeth was to find herself right in the middle of it.
The Stone In the Meadow, by Karleen Bradford. The large, black stone in the meadow in Cornwall held a strange, hypnotic fascination for Jenifer, and one day she found out why. Was it just a dream? Or could the stone really transport her back in time?
A Very Strange Land: The First Adventure in the Merryvale Series, by Steven Fisher. Lorelei and Sarah receive a mysterious notice in the mail from the Merryvale Stables. Ages 10 to 15.  
Seeking Sarah: The Second Adventure in the Merryvale Series, by Steven Fisher. In the spirit of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," horses speak and an evil villain seeks to trap Lorelei in Merryvale forever... Ages 10 to 15. 
Mud, Muck & Myer: The Third Adventure in the Merryvale Series, by Steven Fisher. Lorelei and Sarah participate in the Extremely Steeplechase, set up by Merryvale herself. Join them, Godolphin the magical horse, Mr. Quag Myer the mud-maker and Bark, the dog. Ages 10 to 15. 
The Crystal Throne, by Kathryn Sullivan. Two 12-year-olds are pulled into a magical world and asked to break a curse that has enslaved an entire land. 
Innerland: The Door, by Tomsdattar. When nineteen-year-old Marc Hawley helps with cleaning the attic of his old family home, he happens upon a door in an outer wall. Intrigued, he opens the door and descends a stairwell that takes him to a magic place - InnerLand. 
Shadow Arising Prophecy, by Agnes Yue. In a world where magic is forbidden, seven magical friends unite to fight the worst evil imaginable.
Gypsy Pie, by Andre West. Debra and her unlikely partner, Renee, travel through an alternate universe to save the world from destruction by the Phagi... otherwise known as VAMPIRES. 
The Chaos Scroll, by Larraine Stacey. Book One of The Legend of Laila and Tokar. Armed only with an ancient scroll and an enchanted stone, two teens must battle an evil wizard to save their father, friends and homeland. 
Emerald Eyes Destiny, by Wayne South. Book 1 of the Emerald Eyes fantasy trilogy. Cindy Meikin, a high school senior, has a strange experience that puts her in contact with Sylvia, a girl her own age from another world. Together they return to this magical world of dragons and magic where Cindy finds it was not a coincident that Sylvia contacted her. 
Emerald Eyes Mist, by Wayne South. Book 2 of the Emerald Eyes fantasy trilogy. Cindy and Sylvia, from Emerald Eyes Destiny, enter a magical land through the void to help Talco, a girl caught in a bear trap and chased by a ruthless enemy. A strange mist in this land seems to be alive and magical, but is it a friend or an enemy? 
Emerald Eyes Pyramid, by Wayne South. Book 3 of the Emerald Eyes fantasy trilogy. Our friends find themselves in a magical land where they rescue a flying girl about to be sacrificed on a pyre. She is the last of her kind. But is she? 
Echoes of a Distant Storm, by Wendy Simpson. The fate of a magical world hinges on the courage and sacrifice of two daring teens.
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