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Thriller and Suspense eBooks

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City at Night, by Zachary Weiner. The glitz and glamour of Chicago's social elite have a dark side. A side that leads Matt Storan to be sought by both the law and a brutal drug syndicate. If only he had realized their true motives.
Mirror, Mirror, by Dalziel Lang. This is a mystery story with two parallel tales. The two stories reflect upon each other and finally, in a macabre twist, come together.
The Doomsday Virus, by Barry Silverstein. A cyber-terrorist must be stopped before he brings down the country's financial infrastructure.
The Radicals, by Alan Brooker. [enter bookstore and click on "Available Books] Drugs, cannibalism, slavery and terror are the weapons used by a Maori radical group intent on returning New Zealand to the old ways of their ancestors.  
The Mean Green Machine, by Alan Brooker. [enter bookstore and click on "Available Books] A sexy, explosive view of New Zealand in the grip of a political nightmare when conservationists and the authorities clash over the expansion by multi-national conglomerates.  
Eye for Eye, by Nick Brandt. This is a thriller about one man, Jack Nolan, going against a Columbian drug cartel following the killing of his young, pregnant wife.
On the Scent of Danger, by Phyllis Rossiter Modeland. A police officer with a bloodhound is on the trail of a lost child, but it isn't just a search because the child isn't lost. 
Where Eagles Soar, by Phyllis Modeland. They were prepared for the dangers of the wilderness. Those were known. But the wilderness can hide human secrets. When they stumbled onto one, every path and every open space could prove deadly. Love and high adventure.
Nightmare in Morocco, by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton. A series of thefts during a tour of Morocco make Noa Parker fear her niece is the culprit. What she doesn’t know, however, is that soon she must face much worse than any common thief. 
Shadows in the Mist, by Maureen McMahon. When Suzanna learns that her father is dead, she knows it was not an accident. She and her family will be left penniless unless she accedes to the irregular conditions of his will. Suzanna begins to fear not only for her sanity, but for her life as she unravels the hidden gruesome reality. 
Breaking the Chain, by C. D. Ledbetter. In this sequel to Blue Moon, the Blue Moon Inn is open and Mary has invited the former plantation's housekeepers, Sadie and Justine, back for a visit. What Mary doesn't know is that Sadie, an elderly Voodoo priestess, is also searching for her. But Sadie's reasons are much more pressing. She's started having visions again, and this time they're worse than before. 
Ultimate Suggestions, by Darrell Bain. Power over people in the form of a drug. The police search to destroy it, but that is not the NSA's motive for the hunt. 
Murder of Dreams, by Carolyn R. Scheidies. When Rachel wrote a novel based on her sister’s murder ten years earlier as a catharsis for her pain, she had no idea it would be picked up as a TV movie.
Red Willow Brew, by Loisette. His co-author for the novel of a perfect marriage, an Angora cat named Marcel Proust, meowed his permission to let the artist lady move in. 
Neighbor Lady, by Christine Calnin. What do you “really” know about your neighbors? This is a sexy serial thriller. Episodes are emailed weekly - starts 4/1/05 - sign up today.
The Run, Yes The Run!, by Phil Richardson. Members of an organization started by disgruntled and underemployed veterans in the workforce, just to get together and socialize, will decide to give their ghost organization a financial muscle and the job is assigned to Dan, a relatively new member and a new-blood.
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