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Thriller and Suspense eBooks

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Getting It!, by Lydia Filzen. Savvy Shetland Sheepdog Ruffian knows a deadly secret, and can't figure out how to clue in his Person. An intruder has evil plans. How can he warn her her life is in danger?
The Ghost of Akhenaten, by Moyra Caldecott. Akhenaten's ghost has been seen in Egypt, and a disparate group of people must untangle its secrets in this highly enjoyable thriller.
The Doomsday Genie, by Frank Ryan. International bestselling author writes about what happens when a genetically engineered doomsday weapon is released in America.
Schwarzen Auger: Dark Eyes of Evil, by T. L. Winslow. A Navajo maiden discovers that the Nazi eugenics program left their work in the form of one Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was planted and his career manipulated by sinister forces. 
Silent Screams, by Annette Gisby. Jessica Miller is a young woman with secrets. It soon becomes clear that she isn't the only one and some should have remained buried... 
Mental Distortions, by Jean Grandbois. Tibetan culture, and a cold, desolate landscape form a colorful backdrop to a tale of dangerous pursuit, unspeakable atrocities, and survival against all odds. 
Silica, by Chas Adlard. A rotting body is found in a dugout in Coober Pedy. His sudden death is treated as an accident until an anonymous letter questions the Coroner's verdict. Federal Detective Nugget Wilson is sent to investigate and is immediately embroiled in a case that is both sinister and macabre. The United States Nurrungar Base at Woomera seems to have been implicated in a serious breach of Australian security. Even worse is the threat of a biological epidemic that enfolds the whole country in the midst of terror.... 
Firestorms, by Tom Baldwin. A cop bent on revenge is pitted against a South American terrorist out to free his brother from the United States' legal system and caught in the middle is the city of Los Angeles. Fires rage and cop humor abounds as the two fight it out from the jungles of Peru to the barrios of East LA. 
The Cure, by A. J. Russo. Paul Henley, a scientist for biotech giant GenImmune, involved in developing a cure for cancer, is on the run. A terrorist-backed Swiss firm is after him, the Feds are investigating him, and a colleague and Senator want him. The CEO of GenImmune schemes to hoard the therapy, even though it may prevent millions from receiving it. Paul can't let it happen. 
Conspiracy to Love, by Judith Tramayne-Barth. Meet Breanna - a heroine who uses her paranormal powers to find out if there is a conspiracy between the IRS, FBI and Congress. 
BioWar, by A. J. Russo. 
Path of the Jaguar, by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson. Abandoned in Mexico City, Lennea Andrews has no choice but to trust the handsome, dark-eyed stranger that comes to her aid. But when she uncovers a large sum of money, she has to wonder if hes as innocent as she thought.  
Since All Is Passing, by Elizabeth Delisi. When Marie witnesses the kidnapping of a child, she relives the horror of the death of her own child and husband. Marie stumbles across the kidnapper and his very-much-alive victim. Unable to convince the authorities of the truth, she sets out alone to save the child.
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