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Self-Help eBooks

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Learning For Profit, by Daniel Sitter. Acquire the skill-set necessary to maximize every learning opportunity, for therein lies your ability to earn more income! Discover how to learn faster than ever before.
Anger Management For The Twenty-First Century, by Anthony Fiore, Ph.D. and Ari Novick, M.A. This ebook is intended to be a self-help-manual for adults and couples who need specific tools on how to control or manage their anger.
Wisdom, by Christina Sponias Chatzidimou. Literature relates science to religion. This talking ebook offers peace, comfort and relief from suffering, no matter how great. Two versions in the same ebook: English and Greek.
The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. A down-to-earth, clear-cut and practical guide that provides a mental and spiritual approach on how to get rich.
Get Time on Your Side, by Megan Corwin. Workbook containing exercises to help you have more time for fun. 
Transforming the Mind, by Peter Shepherd. A manual that aims to describe the process of human conditioning and how to recover from this imposition. With this knowledge we can transform our minds and awaken to our true spiritual potential. 
Will Power and Self Discipline, by Remez Sasson. A practical guide to self mastery and inner power. Guidance, instructions and exercises to develop and strengthen will power and self-discipline. A unique method everyone can follow.
Secret Messages: How Your Inner Voice Might Be Holding You Back, And What To Do About It, by Julie Poland. Julie Poland helps readers identify, understand and overcome the habits of thought and action that have, until now, stood as obstacles between them and the achievement of their life goals.
The Couch Potatoes Guide to Fighting the Procrastination Monster, by Eric Rovelto. Learn the six powerful tools, tips and tricks that will show you how to accomplish any task you wish to complete. Get motivated!
Deal Me Out...What the Gambling Industry Knows about You...that You Don't!, by Fire Foxx.  The book the gambling industry hopes you'll never read. What subliminal messages do casinos use to keep you gambling? 
Your Real Foe: Why motivational books don't work, by Jack McMasters. A ground-breaking book that answers the illusive question: Why don't motivational books work? A clear and practical guide to actually getting them to work!
Eight First Steps to DramaClean Relationships, by David Roddis. You can learn why you're experiencing difficulties in your relationships, learn how to change, and learn how to start taking action now.
The Best Of Lady Oracle, by Nadine Berezowsky. Humorous and insightful journey to personal growth, mastering inertia, and living happily ever after. 
ME TIME -- 14 short daily lessons to get whatever you want from life and more, by Stuart Semple. A simple yet effective ebook, comprising short daily sessions lasting 14 days, each helping the reader to develop skills to help them create the life they deserve.
1, 2, 3 Book for Grownups, by William Dinga, Jr. Provoking thought for each morning of the month, while you drink your coffee! Recyclable!
Peak Performance ... Peak LIFE! A Breakthrough Interview and Guide For YOUR Success, by Bryan Hall. Peak Performance Success Coach Bryan Hall shares insights, philosophies, practices and more, from Internet success and networking, to personal development, spiritual awakening and growth. 
Consciousness and Success, by Remez Sasson. A collection of practical and inspiring articles about mind power, creative visualization, positive thinking and spirituality. 
The Real Secret of Life, by David Bish. This e-book explains the secret of life.  
Truth Picks, by Peter de Jager. Short, sharp commentaries designed to extract the Truth out of a popular quote or epigram. 
85 Secrets for Improving Your Communication Skills, by Dr. Clare Albright. How often do we kick ourselves for something we've said? And ask yourselves, "If only I'd said that differently, I wonder what would have happened?" This is a short but informative guide to improving your communication skills. 
Free Your Mind: Lessons for Creating a Life Without Boundaries, by John Barker. This ebook offers a wealth of wisdom to enable you to free up your thinking and move through the blocks that limit you from being, doing and having whatever you want in life. 
Math Attack: How to Reduce Math Anxiety in the Classroom, at Work & in Everyday Personal Use, by Marilyn Curtain-Phillips. Whether you are a student, a parent, someone returning to the work force, or a teacher looking for new ways to approach math, this book can help.
How to End Phobias, Anxiety and Panic, by Dr. Bryan Knight. Find out how you can free yourself from phobia, and the anxiety and panic attacks that often accompany the fear. 
Growing Self-Confidence, by Richard Pace. Pace offers 30 lessons that allow you to conquer your own roadblocks to self confidence.
Doubtless Self-Doubt!, by JKR. A collection of motivational articles in a different way.  
Good Bye Pessimism!, by JKR. A collection of motivational articles in a different way.
Boost Your Thinking Powers, by A.R.A.Z. Abedeen. A collection of challenging, interactive logic puzzles aimed at developing, strengthening and testing the powers of logical thinking in an entertaining way, suitable for reading by the whole family. 
Invest In Yourself, by Colin Dunbar. The real life small business success story of an average high school graduate who used passion and persistence to reach his life's dream.
Within You is The Power, by Henry Thomas Hamblin and Donald Gordan Carty. The object of this book is to help men and women to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into expression, wisely and in harmony with Universal Law.
The Mental Spark Plug, by Joi Sigers.  A collection of inspirational and motivational quotes and phrases.
The NLP & Self-Hypnosis Personal Development eBook, by Colin Smith. A five-chapter ebook revealing powerful secrets to boost your self-esteem, increase your confidence and much more using NLP and self-hypnosis.
Lazy Man's Affirmation Handbook, Kenneth Koh. This ebook explains how and why affirmation works and the best time to do affirmation. You will discover the reason why most people failed in their affirmation exercises and how you can be not one of them.
12 Dirty Habits That Prevent You From Developing Exceptional People Skills, by Pete Grand. Chances are you commit at least one of these 12 dirty habits. If you want to improve your people skills then you must read this ebook.
How To Overcome Shyness: A man's complete guide on overcoming shyness, by Pete Grand. A man's guide on overcoming shyness, boosting self-confidence and developing excellent people skills.
Your Life, 7 Keys to Successful Living, By Peter Elias Haahr. Donít be discouraged, but keep moving. Donít give up. Presidents and leaders were ordinary men, but they kept dreaming and trying even though they met opposition and faced discouragement.

Born To Win, Trained To Lose, by Rajat Kumar. This ebook treats you as a complete person and operates from that premise. Its chapters deal with myriad of topics such as love, attitude, failure, success, intelligence, experience and even God.

The Key To Power, by Ian Bruce. This is the e-book version of the best-selling 12-week hard copy home study program originally published in the UK in 1998.
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