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Crime eBooks

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A Picture Perfect Kid, by Carol Guy. This is the story of the murder of Carol Jean Lindley by her 16-year-old grandson, Joshua Allen Wolf, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Cyber Stalked, by Tracey Walker. True cyberstalking stories, and resources on how to avoid becoming a victim.
Della's Children, by Richard Smith. A teenager's frightening portrait of a demented educator and what the kids themselves did about her. An expos of fraud and abuses in the secret world of private schools. 
Hookers, Tricks and Cops, by Loren Christensen. A retired police officer, the author uses anecdotes to reveal all the dark humor, poignancy, sordidness, degradation, sadness and violence that is the world where hookers, tricks and cops interweave. The anecdotes are based on the author's own experiences, those of other officers and even some from prostitutes themselves. 
Dangerous Evidence: Lori Jackson Story, by Ellis A. Cohen. Recounts the true story, as reported by 60 Minutes, of an African-American Marine corporal convicted for attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, and sodomy he said he did not commit; and the female civil rights activist who helped win his acquittal. 
The Choice Is Yours, by Shirley Dicks. [click on non-fiction page 1] Written and aimed at adolescents, this gut-wrenching book allows us a long look inside prison. The stories are told by real death row inmates and family members.  
Demons and Madmen, by Christopher J. Kurtz. This book examines the phenomenon of serial murder through new theories and case studies of some of the most destructive murderers of modern times. 
Crazy Crooks: Over 700 anecdotes of crooks at their dumbest!, by Loren W. Christensen. This is a collection of a variety of the funny (and not so funny) antics of crooks and even general citizens who unabashedly display idiocy at its finest. The author, a retired police officer, shows another side to law - one that will keep the reader alternately shaking his head in disbelief or roaring with laughter.
Hooker, by GD. In this part autobiography, the real issues in prostitution are seen from the inside.
Slipping Into Darkness: My Survival in America's Most Violent Ghetto ... a True Story, by M. Rutledge McCall. [click on nonfiction page 1] If you managed to survive a beating by over 100 gang members one night in Compton, would you ever go back into that neighborhood? Investigative journalist McCall not only went back, he moved in - for over a year... 
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