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Dancing with Devils: Romantic Suspense, by Patricia Crossley

Dancing with the Devil
A dark force...a woman who must face her worst fears...two people who must trust each other...
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(Eppie finalist)

Romantic Suspense eBooks

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Crossing Borders, by Deena Reynolds. A woman is reunited with her now smuggling ex-boyfriend from high school and his arch nemesis, her former high school crush, presently a supervisory agent with the U.S. Border Patrol.
Mosaic, by Marjorie Allen. Right now, attraction calls, but there is one burning question that must be answered. Is one of them a murderer?
Building Suspicions, by Iris Ames. Then Grace discovers that even this peaceful village has its dark secrets, including betrayal, deception, robbery and even murder.
A Family Matter, by Marsha Briscoe. Scandal erupts in eastern Kentucky when an injured coal baron's estranged son comes home to tend his comatose father and falls in love with his father's young wife, Salina. Salina must choose between her professed vow of family vindication and her rapidly escalating attraction to her stepson.
March Madness, by Vicki M. Taylor. It's the college basketball finals and someone's killing the girls and leaving an unusual calling card -- a mascot doll from the losing team. Laurel goes undercover to break the case. With an overprotective captain breathing down her neck, Laurel doesn't have time for a relationship. Just her luck, she ends up with several suitors. Which one is the killer? 
Kiss of Deceit, by Patricia Rasey. Marcus "Snake" Gallego lives in the fast lane: play hard, ride fast, die young. But nothing seems to touch him, not until his faithless wife turns up dead, and a pretty little detective slams his head against a bar, cuffing his hands behind his back. 
The Divided Child, by Ekaterine Nikas. Christine has no desire to become even more deeply embroiled in Michael's family's problems, but how can she abandon Michael when she learns he is the pawn in a nasty custody battle... and the target of a killer? 
Blue Moon, by C. D. Ledbetter. When Mary is put on a project with a former acquaintance, Jack, it is clear to everyone but her that the work will get done but there will be a far more complicated involvement before this is over despite the fact that Jack is married and faithful. Add to this recipe a Louisiana plantation home, difficult circumstances, strong deja vu and the protection of an elderly Voodoo priestess, mix well, and it is a compelling tale.
Physical Evidence, by Sandi Haddad. While undercover at a Florida Arabian horse farm investigating a murder, a private investigator not only solves a mystery, he discovers romance. 
Where's Michelle?, by Chris Grover. Other than the fact he was English, Julie Leighton knew nothing about her husband. Then he died and Julie received a call inviting her and her nine-year-old daughter, Michelle, to visit his parents in England. Shortly after their plane landed at Heathrow, Michelle disappeared. A tale of romance and intrigue set in England. 
Suspicious Minds, by Kim Cox. In a world of lies, Ryan Donatelli and Natalie Southard search for a truth that forces them to run for their lives. Can they beat the odds? Can their love withstand the betrayal between them? 
Neon Blue, by John Argo. In this steamy novel of suspense, DEA agent Laurel "Blue" Humboldt must unravel not only the deadly secrets of an international drug cartel, but also the unusual love triangle in which she finds herself.
Always Faithful, by Catherine Snodgrass. Charged with murder, he is her only hope. An old love sparks to life, only now it is forbidden by military law.
Tracks, by Libby McKinmer. When a serial rapist is stalking victims in Yorkton, the hunter becomes the hunted as Detective Emily Evans is assigned to the case.
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