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Romantic Comedy eBooks

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Falling for a Father, by Catriona J. Reynolds. Lucy Blake is a spirited, compassionate schoolteacher ... when she's almost knocked unconscious. Her hazy vision clears, and she finds herself face to face with a devilishly handsome ... priest!
Lie For Me, by Catherine Lloyd. When Shelby Porter asks Sheriff Sawyer McIntyre to pose as her boyfriend, she believes it's to ease the anxiety of her aging guardian who is also Sawyer's godmother. But when the ruse escalates out of Shelby's control, the young newspaper woman wonders how far she'll go before admitting the truth -- when the truth is she's fallen in love with her fake fiancé! 
The Bachelor Cure, by Joe Dorian. What does a playgirl do when she meets a playboy? Resist! Especially if she is Michael Shannon, soap opera diva on the way down and a self-described cure for bachelorhood. In her company even die-hard commitment phobics wax poetic over the three M's: Marriage, Mortgage and Motherhood. She thinks she's found the perfect antidote in Trevor until she's sent to the Adirondacks to do community service and meets sexy playboy, Hudson Grace, and his 3 year old nephew. Suddenly, even a committed bachelorette like herself is wishing for a cure. 
Hotline to Heaven, by Darrell Bain. The toss of a single quarter starts this wild and fun romance. Ed, the down on his luck scam artist, and Violet, the naive young girl, team up to operate God's Fan Club. While Ed is stashing the money as fast as he can, the angelic appearing Violet is convinced charity is receiving the greatest portion of the funds.
Web Story, by Karen Troxel. FBI Agent Rafferty Sinclair is forced to dress as a woman in order to maintain contact 24/7 with suspect Annie Blaszak in a modern take on the classic film, Some Like It Hot.
Best of Buddies, by Denise A. Agnew. [search by title] Courtney needs a husband to claim a free vacation at an exclusive resort. Morgan, the geeky, sweet, antique shop owner she's known since high school, fits the bill. Until he brings her red roses and an antique wedding ring. Until he reacts to the resort fitness instructor flirting with her. Until she sees him in a speedo. Until they each acknowledge a simmering unconscious attraction that is about to go ballistic.
Spittin' Image, by Margaret Brownley and Lee Duran. Two women discover they are practically identical twins, and decide to exchange places for a week. Neither is aware that a man has been looking for one of them ... and he is unaware of the switch. 
The Best Laid Plans, by Leta Nolan Childers. A hilarious tale of love discovered, lost, and found again. The story is continued with The Best Laid Plans: Backfire! 
The Best Laid Plans: Backfire!, by Leta Nolan Childers. Three romances are wrapped up in this hilariously provocative story that's a sequel to The Best Laid Plans. 
Cat Callahan - Private Eye: The Case of the Missing Airhead, by Leta Nolan Childers. In this romantic comedy, Cat and Charles join forces to uncover the missing Simpson Diamonds. However, Charles discovers that Cat isn't as easily domesticated as he believed. 
Demons of Desire, by Leta Nolan Childers. A black stallion inhabited by an angel, and two hot-headed people determined to resist their attraction to each other populate this romantic comedy. 
Lasting Impressions, by Leta Nolan Childers. In this romantic comedy, Michelle - a psychic in need of a way to freely express her "gift" - wins her own column and the respect of logical newspaper owner, Randall Forrester. 
On the Road to Love, by Leta Nolan Childers. A humorous story about two people's journey across life's potholes to the ultimate discovery that they were made for each other. 
Speed of Love, by Leta Nolan Childers. A tale of love, hate, lies and murder among the grease-pits of the racetrack. 
The Surrogate Who Cleaned Up, by Karen Laven. You're a super-wealthy, unhappily married couple searching for a surrogate mother and a maid... Hey! Why not hire one woman for both jobs! Crazy? Yep, and funny.
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