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Contemporary Romance eBooks

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Love's Melody, by Anita Chandonia. Sometimes what isn't said can make all the difference. David, her first love, chose fame as a singer over a life with Dawn. Her husband gave her the life she thought she wanted. One is the father of her child.
Autumn Fire, by Tricia McGill. Recently widowed Tess Barrett is relishing her new state of independence, not dreaming her world is about to be rocked on its axis by Jack Donovan, the man she spent many hours fantasizing about when he worked for her bully of a husband. Trapped in a marriage with a tyrant who eroded her confidence and humiliated her, Tess sees herself as plain and dowdy; what would a now rich, successful, handsome, younger man see in her?
A Time of Forgiveness, by Mary S. McGuire. [search under "Encore L'Amour"] As their relationship deepened, Meg sensed she and Ryan were planting something more lasting than a garden -- if only their love could withstand her being a decade older than he.
A Time to Trust, by Mary S. McGuire. [search under "Contemporary"] Laney Johnson, an accomplished artist, easily captures the magnificience of Hawaii in her work. She finds it more difficult to create the canvas of her own life when she meets the handsome Paul Westfield, a pilot and widowed father. When Danny Adams, an equally intriguing figure from her past, enters the picture, the choice between them seems all but impossible.
Falling Star, by Karen Wiesner. Book 1 of the Angelfire Trilogy. A man of God, a fallen angel. Two different worlds, one undying love...
First Love, by Karen Wiesner. Book 2 of the Angelfire Trilogy. She was expecting...anything but him! 
Forever Man, by Karen Wiesner. Book 3 of the Angelfire Trilogy. What does a forever man get when he sets his sights on a loveshy lady? He gets a hell of a fight on his hands!

Leather & Lace, by Karen Wiesner. Book 1 of the Gypsy Road series. Can a rogue find love with the girl next door? Not if his ex-girlfriends have any say in it!

Fire & Ice, by Karen Wiesner. Book 3 of the Gypsy Road series. What Tracey wants most of all is the one thing Jon can't give her. . .unless he can find a way to go back in time and reverse the damage.
Reluctant Hearts, by Karen Wiesner. Book 1 of the Wounded Warriors series. What's a man to do when he's seen too much of life's dark side and suddenly finds himself believing in flesh-and-blood angels who can heal with a single touch? What's a girl to do when she believes in true love but can't trust the eyes of her own heart? Fall in love...reluctantly?
Bonded by Love, by Ginger Simpson. Blake Hastings doesn't have the necessary social stature. Just when Janelle thought their romance didn't stand a chance, life provides the opportunity to bring the two men in her life together.
Something About That Lady, by Carol McPhee. [search by Contempory Romance] A defensive Alberta rancher is determined to protect his ranch and his blind brother against a widow's unwelcome arrival. Her refusal to be cowed demands a re-evaluation of what he holds dear.
Live the Moment, by Shelley Munro. Josephine Murdoch thrives on routine. Seth Turner is a soldier who lives life on the edge. When their paths cross, Josephine discovers that there are just some things in life that can't be planned.
The Marriage Committee, by Catherine Snodgrass. Paul and Belle never aspire to being more than friends. When the townsfolk hear this, they set out to find her a husband. And, well, that’s something Paul just won’t have.
Someone to Watch over Me, by Laura Shinn. Deep within the forest, David - a Guardian - watches over a hunted child and her mother. How can he cope with his growing feelings for Sarah, the child's mother?
When Last We Loved, by Fran Baker.  Cassie Creighton left west Texas and Hoyt Temple , head of the Diamond T Empire, behind when she left to pursue her dream of country music fame.
Wandering Heart, by Rita Hestand. Coop was a drifter, and Angela should stay away from him. Trouble was...Angela had a wandering heart.

Bound In Shadows, by Jennifer St Clair. Book 3 of The Shadows Trilogy. With his power crushed, Terrin is forced to take drastic measures to regain his sons and the power they possess. But he has an ally inside Espen's house who works to further his plans.

On Love's Own Terms, by Fran Baker. When Bonnie Ford returned to Georgia for her sister’s wedding, she dreaded meeting her ex-husband Luke, whose brother was marrying her sister.
Endure My Heart, by Joan Smith. Mab Anderson inadvertently found herself the leader of a smuggling group--and sought by government agent Sir Stamford Wicklow.
Love in the China Sea, by Fran Baker. Anne Hunter, Hong Kong foreign correspondent, was devoted to her career to the exclusion of personal relationships. But then she met Kai Shanpei. (Former Silhouette Desire.)
That Other Woman, by Elizabeth Neff Walker. Eric Collins was determined to capture Courtney Stewart's attention, but he got stuck in his mountain cabin at the wrong time with the old-fashioned Susan Fielding.
On Love's Own Terms, by Fran Baker. When Bonnie Ford returned to Georgia for her sister’s wedding, she dreaded meeting her ex-husband Luke, whose brother was marrying her sister.
Prelude to a Wedding, by Patricia McLinn. Bette Wharton was trying to keep Paul Monroe’s business running efficiently--not easy with a guy who lives for the moment .

A New World, by Patricia McLinn. Eleanor Thatcher hired Cahill McCrea to provide Irish ballads for her restaurant patrons, not to fascinate her.

Hoops, by Patricia McLinn. Professor Carolyn Trent is made academic advisor to ten basketball team members for irreverent coach C.J. Draper.

Mountain High, by Rayne Forrest. Tyler Morgan is starting over. Returning to her hometown she finds her high school crush, Chris Shurler, available and interested.
Right From the Start, by Rayne Forrest. Would you know if he was the one, and it was love...Right From the Start?
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