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Contemporary Romance eBooks

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Rough Edges, by Nancy Pirri. From the first moment Gina meets the tall, beastly cowboy she knows she has her work cut out for her. She soon meets with opposition from him when she suggests he shave off his beard.
Crimes of Passion, by Heather Holland. Riley Roberts disappeared into the night a decade ago, never to be seen again, or so she'd hoped.
Turning Thirty, by Sapphire Williams. Gorgeous and infamous erotica artist, Jacob Black, rolls into town to oversee his art show and is immediately attracted to this sexy siren.
Contessa's Assets, by Ginger Simpson. A know-it-all cop, who makes her mouth water every time she sees him, has managed to talk her into participating in a sting operation as an ovum-donor and she is STILL not sure how he was able to do it.
A Shadow From His Past, by Romona Hilliger. Life hadn't been easy for Brad Steele. At eighteen, hardworking and looking for a break, he finds one in a wealthy home. But he hadn't bargained for the unwelcome attentions of the pampered young mistress.
The Legacy of Rose House, by Lisa Christian. Some might say that there are forces at work in the lives of mere mortals that are beyond human comprehension. Some might say that certain souls are meant to be together throughout time.
Oregon Re-released, by Clay Renick. Dr. Julie Fox is in a fight with Chronic Fatigue. Journalist Kyle Summers goes to her for answers and for help. But insteads he finds an unexpected attraction.
All My Dreams, by Jennifer Mueller. When Death took Loryn's husband and daughter, the family she had built her life around, she just ran. Fixing up a house in Majorca sounds like a dream to most but she was only hiding from life.
The Purple Teepee, by Jenny Schwartz. To win the island of her dreams, all Sonia Blake has to do is transform herself into a crazily romantic, feminine, married competitor in the island stakes.
The Legacy of Rose House, by Lisa Christian. Some might say that there are forces at work in the lives of mere mortals that are beyond human comprehension. Some might say that certain souls are meant to be together throughout time.
The Sweetest Song, by Heather Ames. Gerilyn Hampton takes on more than she could ever have imagined when she begins a relationship with ex-rock musician John Price Maitland.
Country Boy, City Girl, by Cynthianna Appel. In this contemporary romance, an earthquake, rumbling deep inside a cavern, brings the two together -- but will Dave's meddling in Ronnie's business activities only drive them apart? 
The Fixer-Uppers, by Cynthianna Appel. Can a single mom find happiness on a blind date -- or at least dinner with a male who can cut up his own food? 
Makeshift Family, by Lori Avocato. [click on Author Catalog] A reclusive pilot's seclusion in his wilderness cabin is interrupted by a novice mother and her adopted twin babies. He soon finds that seclusion isn't what it's cracked up to be.
Charity's Prisoner, by Robin Bayne. Charity finds herself "arrested" as part of a promotion for charity and locked in a storage room at the mall, then forgotten, trapped overnight with co-worker Ryan. They've been assigned to work together to find the corporate information leak. Will their own secrets be revealed, so that Ryan can't resist becoming Charity's prisoner? 
A Matter of Life, by Robin Bayne. After 10 years, the last thing Kimberly expects her former lover to tell her is that she has a daughter. Thanks to modern science, Kimberly discovers A Matter of Life, but can she forgive Brandon for keeping her baby a secret?
Maid in Boston, by Paula Corbett. The tale of a delightful farmer's daughter meeting up with a real (charming) Boston city slicker. 
Hunter's Song, by Natalie J. Damschroder. After her escape from a regimented life, Nikki delights in her newfound independence. Hunter has made his own escape, leaving Wall Street for a more carefree lifestyle. Nikki's need for independence and the secrets of her past play hardball with Hunter's heart. Will he stand by her?
A Circle Squared, by Terry Dawson. Whilst on holiday on Corfu, a meeting with Georgiou Spirakos, a Saudi merchant banker Prince and the reclusive head of the German FKW group sweeps the multi-lingual Jennifer Anderson into a world of multi-million dollar international developments. 
Sleepwalking Beauty, by Kathy Lynn Emerson. Bodyguard Duncan Glendower, assigned to keep watch over Andrea Lauderdale by her over-protective grandfather, invites the stressed woman to share his remote hunting cabin in Maine. 
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