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Historical Romance eBooks - Regency England (1810 - 1830)

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The Seventh Suitor, by Laura Matthews. Kate had refused the suit of the Earl of Winterton's brother--but then surprisingly accepted a legacy from him when he died in the Peninsula.
Oh Miranda!, by Joan Smith. Lady Miranda Wetherby agrees to accompany her neighbor to London for Miss Hazard's belated comeout. London is a dangerous place for a beautiful young widow, where more than one charming fellow is interested only in dalliance or worse. 
Reprise, by Joan Smith. Some issues remain between Prudence Mallow and Lord Dammler. Is he indeed a rake and immoral hedonist? Is she a prudish, intolerant stick-in-the-mud? His play is a roaring success - but so is her "anonymous" book mocking the folly of London society and him. 
The Savage Lord Griffin, by Joan Smith. Lord Griffin, who disappeared into the Brazilian jungle five years ago, returns to claim his fiancée. 
The Christmas Spirit, by Patricia Wynn. Matthew Dunstone, tormented by fevered nightmares in his illness, believes he has conjured up an elf named Francis—and his beautiful sister Trudy.
Jack on the Box, by Patricia Wynn. Cecily Wolverton has been done out of her inheritance by her cousin Alfred, and Jack Henley has been temporarily disowned by his father because of his gambling debts.
Aunt Sophie's Diamonds, by Joan Smith. Claudia Milmont has lived most of her life with puritanical grandparents, so when her cantankerous Aunt Sophie dies, she's thrilled to help her cousin try to retrieve them.
Lavender Lady, by Carola Dunn. Hester Godric's grandfather was in trade, but her stepmother had taught her to be a lady--before leaving Hester with four half-siblings to raise.
The Beggarmaid, by Lesley-Anne McLeod. Lady Genia Brierley is trapped by poverty. Lord Wessington's return to society coincides with a time of crisis in her pitiable family. He offers himself as her rescuer. She can only wonder why...
Daughter of Trade, by Lesley-Anne McLeod. Trade and title can have no common ground. Manufacturer's daughter Dinah Driffield believes it; aristocrat Sebastian Delamain, Viscount Holly does not. Somehow he must teach her that love breaks all the rules.
The Rake's Reflection, by Lesley-Anne McLeod. When a servant’s subterfuge manipulates the meeting of Miss Cordelia Tyninghame with the rakish 5th Earl of Torgreave Rupert Manningford, a family secret is revealed which changes her life and his forever.
Clemmie's Major, by Lesley-Anne McLeod. The last thing Clementina widowed Countess wants to do is fall in love. Then she meets Gideon Rhyle, wounded "giant" of the 11th Dragoons. If she accepts his help, can she fail to accept his love?
The Moonless Night, by Joan Smith. When two dashing gentlemen--the thoughtful Mr. Benson and the arrogant Lord Sanford--arrived to stay at Bolt Hall, Marie Boltwood knew one was a British agent--but who was the other?
The Ardent Lady Amelia, by Laura Matthews. Lady Amelia Cameron found Lord Verwood highly suspicious with his fake limp and the fact that no one in society knew him.
Endure My Heart, by Joan Smith. Mab Anderson inadvertently found herself the leader of a smuggling group--and sought by government agent Sir Stamford Wicklow.
Lord Greywell's Dilemma, by Laura Matthews. Was marrying Elspeth Parkstone the solution to Lord Greywell's torn allegiances--his diplomatic skills needed in Vienna , but his infant heir sickly?

The Man in the Green Coat, by Carola Dunn. A dying English spy gives Gabrielle Darcy a message for The Man in the Green Coat, and though Gabrielle and Everett are attracted, they are also suspicious of each other.  

Captain Rakehell, by Lynn Michaels. Amanda Gilbertson was hiding from her father’s choice for her fiancé when she encountered black-masked Captain Rakehell at midnight in the garden.
Lord Clayborne's Fancy, by Laura Matthews. Most bridegrooms aren't called “an insufferable toad” the day after their wedding, but Lady Clayborne had severe provocation.
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