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General Poetry eBooks

The New and Collected Poems of C. Luann Howe, by Crystal Howe. This is a collection of 77 poems, containing 10 poems about each of the following subjects/kinds of poetry: children, friendship, love, life, limericks, haiku, and acrostic.
Brush Country, by Barri Bryan. This is a collection of poems that vary greatly in style, tone, length and content.
Godly Parents, by Nikhil Parekh. This compilation of poetry is stupendously astonishing, and reflects the poet's unparalleled love for the sacred grace of his parents.
Seasons of Song: Rhyme and Prose From Life's Lessons, by Stacy Price Linkins. This collection of work represents the feelings of determination, honor, betrayal, enlightenment and humor. 
Heart & Soul, by Sherry C. Jessop. Thoughts and words, spilled upon paper, colored with heartfelt emotions. 
Rub My Soul Until Your Fingers Bleed, by Vanillaban (aka J. Kanno). This collection of short stories and poems will twist your thoughts and open your eyes to a dark world of what lies behind closed doors by throwing them wide open.
Amber Tears and Other Laments – The Cassandra Poems, by Becky Barbour. Within these lines, you will experience the Cassandra myth of prophecy and the lonely wistfulness of not being believed. With their themes of dreams and destiny, love and lament, this poetry will linger in your soul.
Rumination Road, by Rose Hampton Newton. Life is full. It’s active, as much through pain and disappointment as through joy. In its generosity it stretches and squeezes our souls, works itself out in our personalities.
Psychosis, by Brenda Roberts. Roberts has sliced life into thin cuts of perspective that reveal the depth and breadth of the wounded soul. Shredded is the myth of present-day racial and sexual equality between the sexes and in its place we find unsettling revelations of the real world.
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