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Humor and Satire eBooks

A Handicap for the Devil, by Allen Lyne. A comic look at what happens when God gives a brief to save the world to the meekest, mildest man alive.
Never Trust a Plastic Owl, by Mark Mayfield. A collection of seventy of Mark Mayfield's most popular published humor columns.
Shorts and Other Smelly Writings, by James Chancellor. A collection of short humor stories from a crazed writer.
Paratabloids: Strange Poetry, by Michael Arnzen. Hilarious, offbeat poetry inspired by the strangest headlines from tabloids like the Weekly World News. A finalist for the Bram Stoker Award!
Momma was a Baptist Broad, by D. Gustafson. Yep, I had to hide Momma's ashes. They were tucked safely away under the pulpit and, just for good measure, guarded by Preacher Doug and the piece hidden in his coat pocket.
An American Redneck in Hong Kong, by Michael LaRocca. [search by author] Can a "serious" author venture into humor without destroying his good name? I suppose we'll find out. True dog stories, cat stories, horse stories, hog stories, redneck stories, and Hong Kong stories.
Mom Letters, by Jack Brackitt. This comedy reports on a Chicago family's life in one year. Also, there's a lot about life in Chicago -- what it's like to ride an L train, walk through the Loop, eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc. 
The Marty Graw Book, by Tom Ball. It's 1960. Ten-year-old Liam Freddy McAfee wants to tell you all about his family, friends, neighbors and classmates. In the process he tells you everything they'd just as soon you not know.
Dinner with W.T. – The Cybermouth Chronicles, by Rick Baber. A humorous collection of stories that explain the juxtaposition of the life of a middleclass, southern-raised boy of the Baby Boom generation. 
Medics Wild!, by Darrell Bain. Book 1 of the Medics Wild series. When the Williard brothers get started, any resemblance to a real war is purely coincidental! This humorous story is set in wartime Vietnam. 
Death Must Go On!, by Mac Fletcher. In a small English village, the economy is grinding to a halt because people aren't dying off - a dastardly plan is hatched, and comedy abounds. 
St. Carolyn The Pioneer, by Elizabeth Kingsbury. Carolyn is a failed yuppie who decides that being a saint might be a good career option. A highly satirical piece of writing. 
Letters to an Autoresponder, by Richard Law. Ever corresponded with an autosponder and never knew it? You know how it is. You're in that computer trance thing and you write back. If you spend a great deal of time at the computer, you'll enjoy this ebook, which is straight from the files of foolish typing. 
The Badger Game, by William Norris. In this comedy, a Mafia boss in Florida tries every trick in the book to seize the Presidency of the United States.
The Mommy Chronicles, by Leslie Tonner. Follow the adventures of Charlie, a Manhattan three-year-old on the fast track, and his slow-track mommy. Moms and Dads alike will find these anecdotes of parenting at the end of the century to be truly priceless. 
The Incredible Billion Dollar Geek, by T. L. Winslow. The untimely death of Gill Bates, the geek who became the richest man on earth via his Teenysoft monopoly, leads the world into a near apocalypse. A hilarious, satirical family opera. 
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