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General Fiction eBooks

Tales from the Wrecktory, by Joseph E. Wright. The story of Father Frank Beckett and his forty-three years at the inner-city church of Saint Timothy. He is by no means Hollywood's or television's idea of what a priest should be. 
Fate and Angus McGrath, by Jean Jardine Miller. The story of Angus McGrath, whose journey through childhood ADHD, adolescent rebellion, prostitution and drug addiction and eventual maturity continually impacts on the lives of members of his family. 
Lost on Earth: Fateful Love, by Lily Alex. Romantic thriller: love adventures of angels, demons, and humans in "real" life.
Hurago, by Catherine Snodgrass. An island open for scientific research only. Guarded by two ancient statues. A place where true love can be found and evil is not allowed to exist. But how far will the statues go to protect the island?
Living in the City, by Rita Marie Keller. A woman's life changes when her husband gives her a dilapidated house for her birthday. This is a story about marriage, friendship, and discovering what makes a house a home.
Wisconsin Dells; the Horror of the Heartland, by John Sobieck. The tale of a nightmarish journey through the midwest. A clever concoction of blind excess, ridiculous situations, and far gone characters which lead to a greatly entertaining story.
The Leopard in the Appletree, by Adrian Walker. Young lovers on a quest for a mythical black parrot and an older man whose sanity is leaving him - two potent and interwoven tales set in Australia.
The Chauvinist, by Ed Stember Sr. In this novel, a famous author, winner of the Nobel Prize, publishes a new book titled "Chauvinism - Man's Key To Survival," in which he challenges feminism.
Zapinette Video, by Albert Russo. Together, precocious heroine Zapinette and her unusual Uncle Berky explore the meaning of life and love, and come to terms with the momentous changes in their family. Coming soon in ebook: the sequel, Zany: Zapinette New York.
The Blue Mosiac Vase, by Christie Shary. Set in the Middle East, this is a "coming-of-age" story of an impoverished Muslim boy and the six women who greatly impact his life, all bound together by thousands of years of tradition.
Camera Obscura, by David Ireland. A tale of lust and betrayal that shakes a small community during one hot summer. 
Voice From the River Monogahela, by Harvey Tate. A note from his late great-grandfather and a box of bones sets Jett in search of the answers to a 250-year-old mystery in the small town of California, Pennsylvania. 
In Celebration of Kate, by Lana Thompson. Kate Turner was a normal, average little girl living in a normal and average bungalow in the suburbs. Everything seemed to be the way it should be - until just before her tenth birthday. This story takes the reader on a heart-wrenching journey through a six-year period of a child's worst nightmare come true. 
Beyond Stone and Steel: A Memorial to the September 11 2001 Victims, by Brian Vaszily. This soul-stirring book offers a sensitive and compelling look at what mattered most in the lives of the 9/11 victims, via stories told in their voices and rendered through each phase of the September 11 attacks; a work that will remind readers of what is truly important in their own lives. Fifty percent of publisher and author proceeds going to September 11 charities.  
Amelia, by Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary. Vincent Carlson, designer of Amelia Earhart's spy plane, still searches for answers to her disappearance 30 years later… and soon finds himself embroiled in a web of terror and treachery. 
Amateur at Heart, by Jack Forge. Young Sonny Dennison struggles to make sense out of his broken family and at the same time find love through lust, till after nearly dying in an accident he finally awakens to the value of beauty.
The Nursing Home Fugitive, by Georgiann Baldino. A stroke robs Clive of his short-term memory, so to function he records everything in a journal and paints his long-term memories. A nursing-home escapee, he shows the final journey can be the best one of all.
The Pig Market, by P.T. Mayes.  Welcome to the Pig Market, a secret market in the heart of London where anything can be bought... for a price. But break the Pig Market's ancient laws and the punishment will be both swift and cruel.
R, by P.T. Mayes. The British government has made the 5th of June R-Day, a day upon which all acts of revenge are legal. Only the insane go out on R-day.
Churchsteeple Text, by Anthony DeMarco. Jim is a disillusioned expatriate language teacher. He is feeling guilt and demoralized about having returned to Europe after his grandparents had ventured away to claim the New World for their progeny.
Alma Mater, by John McKenzie. This ebook is a fictional account of the last two years of an honours history degree at University in the early 70s.
The Real McCoy, by John McKenzie. Guy arrives in America to find God and ends up running for the Presidency. He's shot. He talks to God and some other people about religion.

Adoration of the Korean: Expatriate Tales Made in Korea, by Andrew Crown. A short story collection consisting of eight stories and novellas set in South Korea in the 1990s.

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