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General Fiction eBooks

Eagle’s Claw Lake, by Ross Richdale. Reid Tucker's intention to spend the summer at remote Eagle's Claw Lake with only his dog, Cinders, never eventuates. He pulls a desperate teenage girl from the water and begins a frightening chain of events as a fanatical leader tries to prevent her from leaving a commune.
Liberty & Opportunity, by Ross Richdale. The story of four incredible women, told straight from the pages of their own dairies. Tales of drama, love, joy and tragedy that span the generations from 1898 to the present.
Long Valley Road, by Ross Richdale. One family grows and blossoms through the good times and bad in Long Valley Road, but their lives are changed forever by the events happening on their farm and the rural school down the road.
Polished Veneer, by Ross Richdale. Gail Fernhill, principal of a private school in Seattle, is haunted by her past, but befriends new property manager Neil Goodall who pierces her reserve to support and helps her as the past catches up with the present.
Wind Across the Playground, by Ross Richdale. Schoolteacher Neil Johnston moves forward in his career from the formal days of the 1970s to the new millennium. It is the story of human relationships and values of society through the last quarter of the twentieth century and the women who mold Neil's life.
Catalyst, by Ross Richdale. There is a cave-in at Misty Depths Catacombs, Wyoming, and newly graduated lawyer Renee Bonnet finds herself stranded with a broken leg and two strangers. Together they try to survive, but their lives are changed forever. 
Nexus of Time, by Ross Richdale. In World War II, Anna can never return to her home in Poland after her mother, the Countess, is killed. This is a story of love and human endurance wrapped up in a journey that reaches the new millennium. 
Out of the Azure Sea, by Ross Richdale. It is April 1945 when a German U-boat heads to Argentina with Nazi gold and loot. Ruthless Kapitanleutnant Falk Friedrich has his fiancee, Kristin Dassler, on board. After the U-boat is attacked, Kristin finds herself in a lifeboat with Bern Munkelt, the man she is to spend the rest of her life with. They are rescued and taken to a remote island where Kristin's adventures continue through three generations. Will the Nazi loot ever be found and how does it affect Kristin and her family's lives? 
Sandwiches and Cuckoo Clocks, by Ross Richdale. Kosovar refugee Niana Bolsa is abandoned in the mountains by the Serbs to fend for herself. In freezing temperatures, the distraught woman staggers along an empty road through virgin snow. She finds two orphan children and together they escape and make a new life across the world in New Zealand. 
The Lion Gate, by P. J. Richmond. A chorus of fates and gods comment on the action from an ancient ampitheatre as the ancient times of Troy and Mycenae are described. At the same time, a modern parallel is maintained through Edward, an archaeological researcher, who plans a major journey during a sabbatical around some of the world's great sites so he can write an important book on the metaphysical life of cities. In the course of Edward's travels, he meets other people who also parallel ancient counterparts. Is Edward insane or not? 
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