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General Fiction eBooks

To Sculpt a Living Statue, by Tal Boldo. Can we sculpt the living into reflections of our own lost hopes? Follow the lives of those who tried. This tale will draw you in with its mystery and romance, and change your view of innocence forever.
Churchsteeple Text, by Anthony DeMarco. Jim is a personally and pedagogically demoralized  language teacher in Spain. He is feeling guilt about having returned to Europe after his forbearers had ventured away to claim the New World for themselves. Two days in his life are minutely detailed.
Kerens-h-tein, by Anthony DeMarco. The omission of a single character in the name of her forbears provokes transatlantic yearnings in the already restless language teacher.
The Jesus Christ Cafe, by Paul Millar. Yage yearns to escape from Redemption, his life and himself. He wants to know what he is missing out on; he knows there is more to life than he is experiencing at the moment. He starts on a journey which will take him through love, sex, drugs and death before he fully, and finally, realises what there is out there for him. A story about ideas and beliefs split into three parts. A road trip of the mind where reality only adds to the fantasy. 
Allegheny Shade, by Susan Rolland. In the early 1900's, James Collins, an English gentleman, left his family to go to the United States to promote the railroad. He built a home for his family at the edge of the Allegheny Forest. Just prior to his final trip home, the isolated James dies of a fatal heart attack. Many years later, Patrick, his grandson, makes plans to find answers to why his grandfather never returned. Patrick confronts both good and evil spirits within the mansion. 
And One to Grow On, by David R. Pepper, M.D., and Elizabeth Neff Walker. This is the story of a family in crisis. Megan is seven years old. Her mother thinks of her as Little Miss Song and Dance. Her father thinks of her as his rare treasure. Her brother Sam doesn't think about her much at all. Then Megan is diagnosed with leukemia.
The Triumph Mine, by A. J. Lee. Dealing with gold, greed, love and friendship, this story is centered on an old mine in the rugged Idaho mountains close to Sun Valley. Although believed to be a played out silver mine, the discovery of gold at the Triumph catapults Jake and Dante into a life and death struggle for wealth. 
The Gonzago Principle, by William Norris. What is the link between a philandering televangelist and the first man to set foot on Mars? Why should the President-elect of the United States attempt to conceal the identity of the man who kidnapped and murdered his infant son? And what on earth has all this to do with Charles Lindbergh, the Great American Hero? Find out! 
Calija's Eclipse, by Nancy Broadley. The Indians called it Mawiha, meaning Ancient One. Does this creature really exist, or is it a just a tale? Calija desperately tries to find out what is causing terror in the small towns throughout New Hampshire .She spends several weeks following the creature across the state, trying to not only prove that Mawiha really does exist but also trying to keep it from killing again. 
The Thin Line Between Heaven and Hell, by David G. Harris. Dalton James is a twenty-year veteran of the Middleton Fire Department. James tells us of his first-hand experiences - stories that will keep you on the edge of the your seat, humorous tales, and those that will bring tears to your eyes. 
Cousin Feely, by J. B. Jones. Set in Ohio in the 1950s, this is a story of courage, unrequited love, small town prejudice, and the history of the Miami and Canal. 
Wake Me When It's Over, by Sandy Knauer. Young Nicole has a horrible dream... when she awakens, Nicole finds out that the murder she dreamt was REAL. 
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