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Mystery eBooks

Mugged in Marseilles: Deadly Identity Theft, by Coby Derek. A victim of identify theft suddenly discovers only the thief can prevent his own death, and that of many other innocents at the hands of terrorists.
Murder Bone by Bone, by Lora Roberts. Human bones are discovered by the boys Liz Sullivan is babysitting. Fourth of the Liz Sullivan mysteries.

Midnight Intentions, by Michele Bardsley. Callie O'Brian was running from a brutal past, but shehadn't run far enough. Could the cop she didn't trust protect her?

Murder in the Marketplace, by Lora Roberts. Liz Sullivan is temping at SoftWrite and doing census interviews. She'd met Jenifer Paston briefly that morning at SoftWrite, and in the evening she was there when the young woman's body was discovered.
Resulting in Death, by Lynn Fulton. Was Frederick Layton's death due to malpractice or murder? Insurance investigator Petra Jameson must find out before she, too, gets a dose of deadly medicine.
Gold Lust, by Ed Mitchell. Nolen Martin discovers a huge vein of gold. He finds himself being stalked by a huge international mining cartel. And by the FBI. He must stay alive long enough to file his claim.
Blackmail, by Bob McElwain. Terri Delaney is a rising star in TV news, but a blackmailer is threatening her career. She turns to Jack Collier, PI. They're soon entangled in a vicious web involving far more than the blackmailer alone.
Murder Most Trivial, by Kathryn Lively. Murder...is that the final answer? Norfolk high school senior Jason Greevey seems to think so. When winning contestants from a local restaurant's trivia contest begin turning up dead, runner-up Jason worries that he will be the next weakest link! Determined to beat the clock and find the killer first, Jason recruits his friends for a citywide chase. 
They Who Betray, by Bob McElwain. Initially, Eva only needs some answers from Mark to questions about how his dad went bankrupt. When they realize their lives are at risk because she asked them, other questions overwhelm.
The Hunt Club, by A. C. Ellis. When a man is killed who shouldn't even be in the U. S., Brandon begins asking cop questions. Now the killer wants him dead. Staying alive becomes the focus of all his being!
The Lure of The Dutchman, by Tom Geldermann. And yet another name is added to the list of those who perished hunting for the Lost Dutchman Mine. Kevin and Lauri, uncovering implications of staggering proportions, find themselves being hunted!
Gray Farm, by A. K. Carroll. This story is an inside look at the darker side of the glamorous world of show horses. On a miserable March night there's a brutal attack – the handler says it’s only a freak accident. But soon-to-be veterinarian Victory Gray stumbles onto a mysterious plot and a hidden secret that could destroy her family. 
Hidden in Time, by Stephanee Danielson. "How does one go about solving a two hundred-year-old murder?" is the question Maggie asks her husband after the remains of a 12-year-old girl are accidentally uncovered in a small grave behind the Boucher stables. As one family struggles to uncover the secrets of the past, their own dark secrets are revealed and one member is marked for death. 
Diamondback, by Elizabeth Dearl. When Taylor discovers a mysterious letter among her late mother's effects, she heads for Texas in search of her father's identity. Small, sleepy towns don't appreciate rude awakenings, and Taylor soon finds herself up to her neck in rattlesnakes and long-kept secrets - a deadly combination. 
The Haunted Castle Mystery, by Linda Gruber. It was several months before rumors about vanished guests and dead bodies branded the Phantom Diva a serial killer inside the tourist dome on the moon. Regardless of whether the Phantom Diva caused the deaths as rumors alleged, the rumors themselves inevitably caused the death of the dome.
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