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Horror eBooks: Psychological

The Remigrants, by Joseph E. Wright. The Remigrants, those who have died and manage to return. This book may convince you the dead can and do come back. Wanna bet you’ll pray they won’t?
Jesuit. Circa 2000 A.D., by William Bolton. A dark psychological horror/mystery novel about a Jesuit priest with unusual powers.
Autumn: The City, by David Moody. The first sequel to the horror classic Autumn. A handful of desperate survivors struggle to exist in a world destroyed by disease.
The Burn, by Michael C. McPherson. A mysterious murder takes place in a youth center and Jeffrey, an often-in-trouble boy, becomes the likely suspect. Is he the murderer? Or is his invalid twin brother using telepathy to control Jeffrey's mind?
The Vigil, by Michael C. McPherson. When Sol moves into his new house, he begins hearing strange cries in the middle of the night. Soon, he finds himself adopting the personalities of past tenants who lived, and were killed, in the house.
Killer Asylum, by David Williams. Serial killer Soren Cabal knows Alison Moire, an FBI expert. As she re-enters his world, he is determined to push her over the edge. A bold, terrifying journey into the mindset of a serial killer.
An Evil Within Him, by James Chancellor. Abuse, where it comes in the form of domestic, verbal, or ungodly atrocities against children, can only be classified as a form of evil. This novel classifies abuse as evil. The plot details how a young man's anger and bitterness manifests from a revengeful, spiteful inner voice to an evil split personality. Growing with age and fed with emotions, the main character allows his evil voice within to transform into a possession.
Blood Angel, by Lilith Saintcrow. Lia Spocarelli and Joe Cromwell, homicide detectives, have a problem. There's a killer stalking their city- a killer who shares Lia's uncanny talents. And he's chosen a new target- Lia herself.
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