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Weight Loss eBooks

Lose Fat, Not Faith, by Jeremy Likness. Learn how to lose weight and keep it off, permanently. This ebook explores the personal development and mindset aspects of healthy living.
Nine Secrets for Maintaining a Healthy Weight: A Guide for Parents, by Linda Hepler. Childhood obesity is a growing problem and diets rarely work. This ebook gives nine basic principles that will help parents get their children and teens on a path to better health and fitness.
The Flat Stomach Diet, by Elizabeth Hartley. An easy to follow diet plan aimed at reducing abdominal bloating and associated painful cramps by eliminating one single ingredient from the diet.
Empowered Health & Fitness, by Nathan J. Travanti. Truthful and empowering information about health, fitness, diet, weight loss, nutrition, weight training, supplements and exercise.
The Soulful Solution: Freedom from Food Addiction, Excess Weight, and Unwellness, by Jennifer Hyrcha. This ebook is about the author's personal experiences with weight loss.  It will show you how to gain physical and spiritual health and freedom. The Christian solution to weight loss.
You Can Have Your Cheesecake & Eat It Too! Fitness Made Simple, by D. A. Colviin. This book recognizes that you are a human being and not a robot, that most of us are prone to temptations and cravings. It will show you how you can learn to avoid these temptations and cravings. 
Tired of Battling with your Weight?, by John Tiniakos. Discover the secrets of permanent weight loss by learning how to control 2 crucial factors that influence body weight.
Skinny on Cellulite, by Brad Callen. A special report written by weight loss instructor, Brad Callen. The report talks about the ins and outs of cellulite. Can you get rid of it? Is there hope? Brad reveals the answers in the ebook.
The Skinny on Cellulite, by Brad Callen. Special report on cellulite. Takes you from the underlying causes to how to get rid of it forever. 
Discover Fat Loss, by Omar Nasouri. This e-book will reveal everything you need to know about fat loss. You will be guided through a successful fat loss program.
Losing Weight through Mind Power, by Dorina Sasson. Learn how to use your mind power, the subconscious mind, visualization and other mind power techniques to help you lose weight and slim.
90 Days to Fitness eBook, by Melissa Craft. Take 90 days to turn your BEFORE into an AFTER. This ebook provides daily meal plans, recipes, motivational messages, workout plans and tips and tricks to help speed up your metabolism.
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