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7 Steps To Mental Mastery, by Murdo Macleod. This book explains the core mental skills successful people use to achieve worthy goals.
The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. A down-to-earth, clear-cut and practical guide that provides a mental and spiritual approach on how to get rich.
Get Time on Your Side, by Megan Corwin. Workbok containing exercises to help you have more time for fun. 
Change Your Life in 8 Weeks at the Movies, by Mark Joyner. Change your life for the better by comparing your life to 8 inspirational movies. The Free Agent Path teaches us that Hollywood media is programming you for failure.
The Marker Method, by Carol Foster. A sensible, step-by-step approach to organizing your clothing and accessories into functional categories in minutes per day. 
The G Spot Report!, by Matthew Doehring. Learn the rare secret to becoming a master lover. This report will explode your love life.
Terrorism Incorporated: Profiles of Terrorist and Counterterrorist Organizations, by Joseph Bruno. Terrorist organization profiles. Counterterrorist organization profiles. Rogue nation-state profiles. World's most dangerous places. "Axis of Evil" nations. 
Deal Me Out...What the Gambling Industry Knows about You...that You Don't!, by Fire Foxx.  The book the gambling industry hopes you'll never read. What subliminal messages do casinos use to keep you gambling? 
Corruption and Crime, by Sam Vaknin. Essays about corruption, money laundering, crime, and international finance. 
Narcissism Book of Quotes, by Sam Vaknin. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive narcissists -- the point of view and lessons of the victims. 
Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited Excerpts, by Sam Vaknin. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive narcissists -- FAQs, journal entries, and excerpts from the archives of the Narcissism List.
1st Letter to Russia, by Dmitry Melehov. Dating catalogue of Russian women. 
The Best Of Lady Oracle, by Nadine Berezowsky. Humorous and insightful journey to personal growth, mastering inertia, and living happily ever after. 
How to Write the First Letter to Your Russian Woman, by Dmitry Melehov. Russian ladies are reputed to be the most beautiful, intelligent, family-oriented and charming women in the world. Russian women really wait for your letter!  
The Keys to Becoming Confident, by Philip Redhead. This e-book reveals that there is good news for those who lack confidence -- confidence is a skill people learn. Find detailed advice, tips, help and ideas within. 
Girl Kissing Secrets Exposed, by Scott Foster. This 43-page ebook talks about various kissing techniques and reveals kissing secrets to help you on your way to becoming an expert at girl kissing in no time. 
Creative Linguistic Training (CLT), by Judith Tramayne-Barth. Learn how to improve your relationships with your family, friends and business associates. Based on neuro linguistic programming. 
The Spy Book, by Lee Adams. Legendary web site now in e-book format of a real life James Bond, that the secret service took out.
Doubtless Self-Doubt!, by JKR. A collection of motivational articles in a different way.  
Do It Anyway, by JKR. A collection of motivational articles in a different way.  
Good Bye Pessimism!, by JKR. A collection of motivational articles in a different way.  
Be Your Own Psychic, by ?. The Secrets Revealed in this program will enable you to achieve unlimited success in all aspects of your life in minutes per day. 
The Way to Happiness, by Ron Hubbard. An internationally acclaimed guide to a successful life and happiness. Help yourself and others on the road to a happier, more successful life. Available in over 65 languages.
Becoming Love - Exercises for Developing Self-Love, by Oshana Himot. A self-help book for anyone desiring to increase their self-love and create a brand
new life. Can be used for youth and teenagers, alone or in a group.
Keys To Lasting Love, by Dr. John Grey and Bonney Grey. A book series of essential tools for a rewarding relationship. Gain keys to overcome problems or differences... and essential tools to sustain a rewarding partnership.
The Action Principles, by Bill Fitzpatrick. Bring peace and prosperity into your life with this book.
101 Romantic Ideas!, Michael Webb. 101 romantic ideas by Webb, who was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  
The Russian Dating Bible, by Vita Steel. This famous bestseller in an e-book version will guide you through various aspects of using the Internet to find a partner. Give it your best shot, you never know who you may meet!
How to Pick Up Women in Nightclubs, by Don Diebel.  The ultimate guide for men on how to successfully meet, attract, and seduce women in nightclubs.
The NLP & Self-Hypnosis Personal Development eBook, by Colin Smith. A five-chapter ebook revealing powerful secrets to boost your self-esteem, increase your confidence and much more using NLP and self-hypnosis.
Lazy Man's Affirmation Handbook, Kenneth Koh. This ebook explains how and why affirmation works and the best time to do affirmation. You will discover the reason why most people failed in their affirmation exercises and how you can be not one of them.
12 Dirty Habits That Prevent You From Developing Exceptional People Skills, by Pete Grand. Chances are you commit at least one of these 12 dirty habits. If you want to improve your people skills then you must read this ebook.
Your Life, 7 Keys to Successful Living, By Peter Elias Haahr. Don’t be discouraged, but keep moving. Don’t give up. Presidents and leaders were ordinary men, but they kept dreaming and trying even though they met opposition and faced discouragement.
Instant Change, by Robert M. Twain. Learn about the number one obstacle standing in the way of your living your dreams.
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