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Free eBooks - Science and Technology

Learn Computer Repair By Free Articles, by Otis Cooper. Learn computer maintenance, repair, and components install while reading articles with videos and PC component photos.
HTML Primer, by Andre Retief. This ebook teaches you the basics of HTML.
How to Get Thousands of Links to Your Website, by Rick Rouse. Powerful tips and techniques for getting lots of targeted traffic to your website. 
Using Ftp for Downloading Files, by Elias Soto. A short guide for beginner using browsers to access and download from FTP sites. 
Ades Design Photoshop Tutorials, by Ades Tynyshev. This ebook is the collection of Ades Design Photoshop Tutorials. It is recommended for those people who would like to get more out of their Photoshop. 
How To Buy The Perfect Computer, by Dan Preston. Get educated on how to make a wise/the right decision on your next computer purchase. 
The Computer Tips Directory, by Kim Skinner. Everything you ever wanted to know about your computer but didn't know to ask. Contains over 100 tips and tricks.
Fraud: Million Dollar Toy Giveaway!, by Midhun K. Menon. All the sweepstakes you see on the Internet are not real. You must make sure the sweepstakes isn't a fraud before participating. With this super report, this task is pretty easy. 
The Great Big Book of Internet Funnies, by Tony Keeler. A compilation of funny emails that have been running around the Internet for years. Some you may remember, some not, but all funny just the same. Rated:PG  
The True Cost of Downtime, by Don Fitchett. Primarily explorers manufacturing cost metrics in an exhaustive effort to create awareness of the greatest cost savings opportunities in facilities today. 
The Concepts, by Andrei Doubrovski. Animated photoshop tutorials for beginners. 
The Snakes of Europe, by G. A. Boulenger. Reprint of classic herpetology text. The book describes 28 species of snake recognized to exist in Europe. 
The Reptiles of British India, by C. L. G. Gunther. Reprint of classic herpetology text. Over 500 species of turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes and amphibians are included.
The Alligator and Its Allies, by Albert Reese. Reprint of classic herpetology text. One of the first attempts to provide a complete overview of crocodilian anatomy, focusing on the American alligator. A general overview of crocodilians around the world and a discussion on the natural history of alligators is also included. 
Water Reptiles of the Past and Present, by Samuel Wendell Williston. This classic reprint covers both extinct and extant aquatic reptiles. 
Atlas of Human Skeletal Anatomy (v. 2.01), by Juraj Artner. A professional reference with large images and descriptions made in international Latin nomenclature. 
Maryland Bigfoot Digital Digest, by Mark Opsasnick. This text documents hundreds of reported bigfoot sightings in Maryland. 
The Great Sea-Serpent, by A. C. Oudemans. Classic reprint of a zoologist’s perspective on sea serpent reports. Includes discussion of over 160 sightings of sea-serpents. Hoaxes and misidentifications are also discussed, as are the characteristics and possible taxonomy of this mystery animal. 
The Beginner's Guide to eBay, by I. R. You can download the best ebooks about eBay auctions, completely free, from inside of this ebook. 
10 Tips to Master the Internet, by Pooja Srinivas. Get the insider tips on how to surf faster and safer. 
How to Make Klez Virus Writers Leave Their Bloody Work And Break Their Heads, by Santosh Kumar S. P. Step-by-step instructions to completely remove klez virus from your system, along with efficient tips to protect your system. 
AMF Windows Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts, by AMF. Contains over 100 practical Windows tips, tricks and shortcuts. 
Webmaster Toolbox, by Nas Romli. This ebook contains 10 essential tools including Advance Popup Generator, Source Code Encryptor and URL Rotator. More tools will be added in the future without having to download a new one.
Risk Management Kit, Jason Westland. This is a set of templates used to identify, quantify, track and mitigate risks within a project.
Safety tips for protecting kids online, by Alex Vereshchak. Internet filtering/ parental control software that protects kids from harmful information on the Internet.
The Ten Most Important Emerging Technologies For Humanity, by Mike Adams. This ebook ventures far beyond traditional technologies to explore homeopathy, augmented reality, super-learning systems, social robots and much more.
70-292 MCSE Training Practice Exam, by Shengtao Hueng. Pass- Guaranteed is the leader in IT certifications.
The Future of Software Branding, by Roy Pope. Branding is no longer restricted to ebooks. Now, all 32-bit applications can be made brandable. What's next?
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