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Free eBooks - Religion and Spirituality

Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me? (My Conversations with Jesus), by Peniel G.G.G. A set of casual conversations between a young man and Jesus in which Jesus explains the answers to many perplexing and thought-provoking questions.
Medicine for Death, by Sani Udu. Whatever your faith, take your afterlife insurance, turbo-charge your life with your death. Turn your death to strength. This is a new think model of spiritual and religious discourse.
Christianity reformed from its roots, by Jairo Mejia. Christianity for New Age thinking and Science's progress. A detailed index covers subjects like Jesus, the Bible, world religions, religious practice, and basic science tenets.
The Little Book of Enlightenment, by Geoff Dodd. A brief explanation of the Buddhist concept of human enlightenment.
Science and Christianity, by John Callahan. This book takes a new look at our universe, in light of modern discoveries and age old problems, and discusses Biblical truths and fallacies, the dimensions and contents of the universe, the Big Bang, the great religious leaders of history, the deity of Jesus, the angels, the fall of Satan, the origins of life on Earth (evolution), the probability of life existing elsewhere in the universe, and the true meaning of Christianity.
Ida Camburn's Promise, by Ida Camburn. A mother's story of a promise made to Congressman Leo J Ryan about getting her son out of the cult Scientology. 
I Never Knew You: A Handbook for the Last Days -- Volume One, by Michael Olcott. A pointed discussion of the deceptive practices of false prophets, false apostles, and others who seek to lead many astray. 
Perspectives Volume 1, by Andreas and Marianne Rothe. The intent of the Perspectives is to motivate and inspire you, to provide you with food for thought, and to teach you lifeskills that will help you master your life. 
The Soulwinners Box of Battle Bombs!, by April Wendling. It's more than just an e-book, it's a soulwinning tool. Good for witnessing in online chat rooms, message boards, and more. 100% free for the furtherance of the gospel. Supports the KJV
God Against Us: Alien Spaceman Jesus, the World Trade Center Attack and More, by Alvin Miller. A look at current End Times events as predicted in the Book of Revelation, including the 9-11 attack and the return of the Messiah. 
A Yogi Approach, by Danijel Turina. This is a book that will change your perspective of the world and spirituality.
God Exists: An Engineer Explains Why, by Peter Soszek. This book is written from a different perspective and tries from a logical and scientific viewpoint to help readers come to believe in the existence of God. 
War: A Call to Inner Life (Words of Hope for Uncertain Times), by various authors. If terrorism and war don't leave you trembling, there's the state of the economy, the environment, and the political climate. Where do you turn for comfort and strength? 
The Truth About the Rapture and Rapture Action, by Debbie Forrest. This book describes events to come in the last days, tribulation and the rapture. 
CyberSelf: Spirituality and Technology in the 21st Century, by Jeremy S. Gluck. An ebook on the spirituality and technology revolution, written by the Director of the Spiritech Virtual Foundation. 
Prophetic Words From the Father, by Stephen Hanson. This book has been long in the making. In it, one will find a wealth of prophetic words from the Lord, and various teachings that concern the five-fold ministries and prophetic topics. 
Dr. God, by JKR. How to solve all the problems by using the Power of God. 
One Proverb, by various authors. Teaching proverbs, wise sayings and inspirational quotes.
Complete Idiot's Guide To Time Travel, by Yuri Margolin. Einstein's special theory of relativity for dummies or, what are we living for?
Spiritual Practices (Training Aid), by Vladimir Antonov. In this book a special emphasis is made on practical methods of the spiritual self-development.
Ensouled!, Luisa Green. This ebook relates a life experience to a high truth: we have to grow in equal love.  
Bhagavad-gita, Translation and Commentary, by Danijel Turina. The very essence of all holy scriptures, a revelation of God, which confers upon man the knowledge of correct action, consisting of recognition of God as the fundamental reality, and acting there from.

Yoga Sutra (Translation and Commentary by Danijel Turina), by Rsi Patanjali. The basic scripture of yoga, which reveals the true nature of yoga as the quest for the highest reality through a union of study of the holy scriptures, the techniques of purification, and devotion to God.

Meanings of the Tarot Cards, by Edward Toupin. Provides detailed explanation of the cards, suits, number, and arcanas. Excellent reference for beginning and intermediate readers. 
Reading Tarot Spreads, by Edward Toupin. Provides a detailed overview of the various common spreads used in reading the tarot.
Meditation Handbook, by Christopher Calder. Meditation handbook is an excellent piece of work on meditation. This can be used by all as a ready reference for meditation. A simple and useful book on meditation.
The Buddha and the Big Bad Wolf, by John McKenzie. Travelogue about a trip to Nepal and India . Acts also as a Buddhist primer.
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