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Free eBooks - Other Fiction

Churchsteeple Text, by Anthony DeMarco. Jim is a personally and pedagogically demoralized  language teacher in Spain. He is feeling guilt about having returned to Europe after his forbearers had ventured away to claim the New World for themselves. Two days in his life are minutely detailed.
Kerens-h-tein, by Anthony DeMarco. The omission of a single character in the name of her forbears provokes transatlantic yearnings in the already restless language teacher.
Tales from the Wrecktory, by Joseph E. Wright. The story of Father Frank Beckett and his forty-three years at the inner-city church of Saint Timothy. He is by no means Hollywood's or television's idea of what a priest should be. 
RAHA Independent Writers' Gift, by various RAHA writers.  A collection of RAHA independent writers' works.
because whatever happens, by Andrew Moore. Themes: worn shag-pile carpets, Sir Alex Ferguson, morphine-substitute pills, locking girls in cupboards, synchronicity, blowing up passenger jets, bullying, short-term psychosis, walking with a limp.
Growth Rings, by Craig Maciolek. There is more to evolution than can be measured in a fossil." -- Growth Rings. I was logging in Colorado. A life that was perfect for me. One day I decided to leave, and I had to make some sense of it.
Mom Letters, by Jack Brackitt. This comedy reports on a Chicago family's life in one year. Also, there's a lot about life in Chicago -- what it's like to ride an L train, walk through the Loop, eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc. 
The Many Roads to Japan: A Search for Identity, by Robert W. Norris. A novella/textbook about a war register’s search for identity over a 14-year period. Good for self, group, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), and peace education study. 
The Poison Belt, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. An unusual novel about the end of the world and the reactions of the last five people left alive. 
The Suffering of Being Kafka, by Sam Vaknin. A second volume of Hebrew short stories.
Ensouled!, by Luisa Green. Ensouled! relates a life experience to a high truth: we have to grow in equal love.
Amateur at Heart, by Jack Forge. Young Sonny Dennison struggles to make sense out of his broken family and at the same time find love through lust, till after nearly dying in an accident he finally awakens to the value of beauty.
The Pig Market, by P.T. Mayes.  Welcome to the Pig Market, a secret market in the heart of London where anything can be bought... for a price. But break the Pig Market's ancient laws and the punishment will be both swift and cruel.
R, by P.T. Mayes. The British government has made the 5th of June R-Day, a day upon which all acts of revenge are legal. Only the insane go out on R-day.
Alma Mater, by John McKenzie. This ebook is a fictional account of the last two years of an honours history degree at Edinburgh University in the early 70s.
Adoration of the Korean: Expatriate Tales Made in Korea, by Andrew Crown. A short story collection consisting of eight stories and novellas set in South Korea in the 1990s.
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