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real estate tax lien certificates...the Rogue Real Estate Investor Book and Course.


Free eBooks - Family

Party Planning and Theme Party Decorations, by Don Shepherdson. Party tips and 17 different party theme decoration supplies for all of the major holidays and special yearly events.
Baby's First Year: What Every Parent Should Know, by John Templin. Who wants to welcome their newborn in to the world the right way - ready to nurture, love, and teach their child starting from day one?
Essential Tips For Personal Safety, by Linda Hommer. This ebook is packed with practical advice for improving personal safety, securing property, avoiding injury, and responding to danger. 
Raising the Children God Has Entrusted to Our Care, by Jennifer Hyrcha. This ebook shows parents how to raise their children the way God intended. 
Strategic Divorce Information Gateway Library -- volumes 1, 2 and 3, by Nick Arton. Gateway resource library ebooks to help kick start
researching divorce issues cover numerous topics.
Fighting Back! -- ID Theft and Identity Fraud, by Lew Jabro. Think your identity is really safe? Learn how to protect yourself from the fastest growing crime in America. 
Money Saving Coupons for Babies and Kids, by AJ Whitney. Over 250 money saving coupons. Save time and $100's getting top name brands of everything you need for your kids, babies and family. Big discounts and free items. 
Grammar -- For Kids!, by Marlena Bartolome. Educational tool for basic parts of speech. Designed especially to appeal to children.
Breasts - for babies or for men?, by Maria Miller. Encourages breastfeeding by objecting the view of breasts as taboo and sexual objects. Answers to and resources for why women fail to breastfeed or wean early. 
Death Day, by JKR. Unknown death. Known day.  
The 7 Crucial Pillars Of A Succesful Pet Relationship, by Phyllis and Corey Cohen. Create a mutually benefical relationship between you and your pet.  
Home Security: How To Protect Your Family And Your Property, by Michael Hopkins. Learn the steps you should take to protect your family and your home against theft and vandalism. Includes a home-security/fire-safety checklist and a list of the best places to hide your valuables. 
Loving Your Teenager (In Spite of Themselves), by Judith Tramayne-Barth. From a parent who's been there, done that, this is for those who didn't stop to think 13 years and 9 months ago and now have an alien being commonly known as a "teenager." 
Do It With Your Dog!, by Nick Nilsson. Learn how to exercise with your canine companion. Topics include walking, running, rollerblading, resistance training skijoring and more!  
Amazing Method to find the EXACT Due Dates of Child Birth!, by JKR. Partially password protected - but includes all details about child birth, God's gift, auspicious months, days and times; astrology, horoscope and numerology; various estimated due dates; tips to name the baby and reference links. 
Cross-Check Your Birth Segment, by JKR. A ready reference to check if the birth segment is correct or not.  
Resemblance of the Child, by JKR. Amazing resemblance of the child as per parent's birth segments. 
Marriage, by JKR. The role of marriage -- a duet song of living togetherness!  
Segment Numerology, by JKR. Explore the unrevealed and unknown.  
The Way of Doe: Journal of a NearHolywoman, by Mesa Doe. True account of a woman’s magical trip to desert wilderness in search of healing from child sexual abuse. 
The Bully, by Rita Toews. This ebook addresses the issue of bullies in school and gives helpful suggestions on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner. 
The Divorce & Custody Resource Handbook, by Reena Sommer, Ph.D. This ebook is geared toward people going through divorce and separation. It provides the essentials on the divorcing process. You will learn about the many free resources available online.
Guide to Wedding Planning, by Christina Bultinck. This ebook takes you step-by-step through planning the wedding of your dreams on any budget.
Till Death You Do Part: Lessons My Pets Have Taught Me, by Dave Tishendorf. The story of all the pets that have passed through my life from my boyhood in Nebraska to my current home in Seattle , where I live with my wife and our Australian shepherd and Manx cat.
Protecting Children Online: Simple Steps Revealed, by Chuon Yuen Ooi. This ebook is about various dangers of the Internet that children face, and 10 simple steps to avoid them. These dangers include pornography, pedophiles, violence, foul language and many others.
Foundations of Self Defense Mastery, by Jeffrey Miller. Covers the 6 phases of self defense progression, and written by a self-protection expert with over 30 years of experience.
Positive Parenting, by Narayan Bukkasagara. This ebook offers valuable ideas, suggestions and methods to build your children's confidence, help them excel in studies, and protect them from stress and depression.
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