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Fantasy Suspense eBooks

Elf, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 1 of The Elf Chronicles. "The only way to take charge of your destiny is to create it." His father's words. Alexander Brody is sure he has everything under control, including his "destiny." Andrew Brody's rather cryptic reference has no real bearing on his future...until the day hellhounds spring from nowhere to hunt him down -- and creatures the Earth has never seen mark him for death. 
Trolls, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 2 of The Elf Chronicles. "We all have our gifts..." Gifted, or cursed? For years, Sebastian Devery and his friends have successfully hidden their talents. It is only now that questions are being asked...questions whose answers lie in a world far distant. Concerned with exposing the others, and lured by a voice from the past, Devery runs. Where he's going, no one can follow, and mercy is a minimal commodity. 2003 EPPIE Finalist.
Trees, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 1 of The Tree Series. Trees is a story of accidental mutation, ancient traditions, and love that endures on the brink of disaster. It is designed to celebrate the unexpected, in a world where everything that can go awry, will. Confusion and frustration reign as good and evil, science and myth, battle to triumph. In Trees, heroes are found in the most unexpected places.
Crystals, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 2 of The Tree Series. In Trees, the battle was between science and myth. Now, in Crystals, the conflict goes on, with rules drawn from another dimension. This time, the outcome is a matter of life or death, and victory may hinge on something as insignificant as the shimmering facet of a crystal.
The story continues.  
Mud, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 3 of The Tree Series. Peter's friends are violently ejected from his world, only to find themselves in a land of pink-tinged fog and flaming trees, triple moonscapes and eye-burningly bright skies -- a land as unbelievably deadly as it is beautiful. What begins as an unnatural mistake, soon becomes a race for survival: a race against injury, starvation, and death. The story continues.
Shades, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 4 of The Tree Series. Peter Trevick and his friends have only recently returned from a world dominated by pink fog, flaming trees, voracious mud, and hellish cherubs. A land where threats lie hidden in the murk, and danger beckons with a child's visage. Now, they are at home, where everything should be as it seems. Little does Peter suspect that -- if it comes to "hellish" -- his adventures are far from over. They are, unfortunately, just beginning...
Fire, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 5 of The Tree Series. In Fire, Peter has more than his future preying on his mind. There is something outside the door, that would like to prey on his body, too. Peter is about to learn that fire burns insatiably -- but the result is not always flame...
Light, by N. D. Hansen-Hill. Book 6 of The Tree Series. In Light, hope lies nearly crushed in the darkness -- trapped beneath rock debris, and sliced by cadaverous claws. There are creatures of the dark, who might not be nearly as threatening -- given a little light...
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