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Fantasy eBooks

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Bladesman of Antares, by Alan Burt Akers. The ninth book in the Dray Prescot series. The problem with being a spy is that you have to make friends with the enemy, and Dray Prescot's mission, and his life, was perilously balanced upon the razor-edged blades of loyalty versus duty...  
The Temple of the Sun, by Moyra Caldecott. The second book in the Guardians of the Tall Stones series, in which Kyra trains to be a priestess of the Sun.
Shadow on the Stones, by Moyra Caldecott. This book continues the story of Kyra, priest of the Temple of the Sun, who, with her husband the Lord Khu-ren, has guided their civilisation to a time of spiritual strength, psychic energy, and communal peace. But there is a shadow on the Stones -- the spreading influence of the terrible god Groth, dark god of chaos and barbarity. Only the priests of the Temple have the means to resist the tides of destruction...
The Prince of Shadows, by Jennifer St. Clair. Book 1 of The Shadows Trilogy. When Simon's father appeared at the castle door with a vampire in tow and apologies on his lips, Simon fell under his spell just like everyone else and welcomed him home. But Terrin did not return to live quietly in his brother's kingdom. He had other plans, and with Simon's untrained powers at his disposal, he begins his plan to destroy the Seven Kingdoms and rule them all, beginning with his brother's death.
The Promised Ones, by Robert Beers. Book 1 of The Wells End Chronicles. Over a thousand years ago Labad prophesied the coming of the two who would deliver the world from devastation. Now the time has arrived and the destroyer is on its way. Adam and Charity, twins from the far northwest, know that something is going on and that the prophecy is pointing in their direction. It's up to them to prevent the destruction of all they've ever known.
Red Queen Dawning, by Dan Donoghue. Book 1 of the Red Queen series. The Red Queen has brought something from the past, the "Before Time," to influence the war she is fomenting. Three diverse mutant outcasts must go on a dangerous quest through warring nations, religious fanatics and the supposedly impassable "Fire-Time Sands" to discover just what the relic is, and to find a way to neutralise its influence, or warfare will rip the civilisation apart.
The Fall of Fyorlund, by Roger Taylor. Book Two of the epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Hawklan. The darkness of ancient times is spreading over the land of Fyorlund and tainting even the Great Harmony of Orthlund. At the centre of this corruption is the King's advisor, the evil Lord Dan-Tor, who is determined to destroy the peace and surrender the land to his Dark Lord, Sumeral. The people look to Hawklan to make a stand against Dan-Tor. But is he a healer or a soldier?
The Call of the Sword, by Roger Taylor. Book One of the epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Hawklan. The healer, Hawklan -- a man with no memory of the past -- arrives to take possession of the castle of Anderras Darion. It is whispered that Mandrocs are abroad again and that the Dark Lord himself is stirring. In the remote fastness of Anderras Darion, Hawklan feels the echoes of an ancient power and the unknown, yet strangely familiar, call to arms...
Breathing in a Stone House, by Bryn Pearson. Meditative tale of love and striving in an oppressive society. 
The Last God, by Jim Farris. This is the story of Merle Mousefinder, the little Mustie of the Wild Wood, and Xaa, an enormous carnivorous mouse. Book I of a four-book series called The Oerth Cycle. Each book contains a dramatic three-hour MIDI soundtrack that accompanies the text. 
A Circle of Arcs, by Kate Saundby. Joan of Arc and an alien sorcerer, time travel and a centuries-old mystery, Gilles de Rais on a modern city street. Why?  
The Thoughtmaster's Conduit, by Kerry Orchard. Haunted by the death of his wife and the blood of vengeance on his hands, Rhan alone has the power to become the Thoughtmaster - and he has been chosen by the Wakhanee to save his world from certain destruction. 
Forbidden Geometries, by Ardath Mayhar. Discovering her own Council means to assassinate her, Princess Karenya flees the city hoping to reach her cousin. 
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