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Fantasy Adventure eBooks

Manhounds of Antares, by Alan Burt Akers. The sixth book of the Dray Prescot series. Would Dray Prescot be able to remain a prince of proud Vallia or become just another human victim of the hunters and manhounds of the mysterious Southern Continent?
Fliers of Antares, by Alan Burt Akers. The eighth book of the Dray Prescot series. Dray Prescot was a hunted and harried wanderer of the continent of Havilfar. His task? To discover the means by which the aircraft of that continent's most advanced civilization operated...
Lost in the Shadows, by Jennifer St. Clair.  Book 2 of the Shadows Trilogy. Events that were set in motion ten years ago come to a head as Skade and 
Nicodemus struggle to free Alden and the vampire from Terrin's grasp. Old secrets come to light...
Thran Reborn, by H. David Blalock. Book One of the Thran Chronicles. Andalarn Thran must restore his family to its former glory but faces a blood feud, scheming priests, and a growing ancient evil.
The Ugly Princess: A Tale of Karlathia, by Elizabeth Burton. Keeping his rightful queen on her throne forces Sir Christopher to choose between who he is and who he wants to be.
The God Decrees, by Mark Cooper. A feeble king sits the throne of Deva, and traitorous lords scheme to take it from him. Only the lords of the four great fortresses remain vigilant and loyal to the kingdom.  
The Dominion, by June Daley. Power, corruption, obsession, a concoction that brews a roller coaster ride of terrors within the fantasy realm of this ebook.
The Promised Ones, by Robert Lee. Book 1 of the Wells End Chronicles. In the distant past the Empire was torn apart by war. Now, individual fiefdoms live together in an uneasy truce. Gilgafed, the Sorcerer, has plans for that truce, and the Promised Ones.
Dreams of Charni, by Alan Brooker. [enter bookstore and click on "Available Books] Book 1 of the Warrior of Earth saga. The Warrior of Earth fights to protect Princess Charni from becoming a human sacrifice in her evil brother Prince Khuramani's pursuit of power. 
Necropolis, by Xina Marie Uhl. A prison guard in an ancient desert city is forced to save the life of a young priest whose lost memory holds the key to the fate of two cities. 
A Knight of Magic, by Dan MacGregor. A ribald, rollicking fantasy adventure in which a writer seeking inspiration finds magic and passion instead... and a chance to save the world. 
Alaric Swifthand, by Steve Lazarowitz. Unlikely hero, but a knack for being at the wrong place at the right time for trouble makes it a matter of survival. 
Weaver's Web, by P. J. Ballantine. A epic adventure of love, betrayal and the ultimate triumph of friendship over adversity.
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