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Parenting eBooks

Baby's First Year: What Every Parent Should Know, by John Templin. Who wants to welcome their newborn in to the world the right way - ready to nurture, love, and teach their child starting from day one? 
Raising the Children God Has Entrusted to Our Care, by Jennifer Hyrcha. This ebook shows parents how to raise their children the way God intended. 
Rekindling Your Romance After Kids, by Susie Cortright. This compilation of the wisdom of parents around the world offers 50 practical ways to rekindle your romance, even on those "I-don't-feel-sexy" days.
Teach Me, I'm Yours: If You Want Your Child To Be Smart, You Be The First Teacher, by Joan Bramsch. This book's program provides an ideal way for parents to help their child grow in many areas ... physical fitness, body awareness, physical perception and mental alertness. 
You Kids Just Wait Till I Get Over Being Pregnant, by Joan Bramsch. The rollicking misadventures of a young woman and her husband – two Only Children – who had five babies in five years and lived to tell the story!
Mission Possible: Raising Great Teens!, by Patricia Chadwick. Parenting is a life-long journey that takes you down many different roads throughout your life with your children, and eventually you can begin to see distinct personalities develop and you begin to wonder what their hopes and dreams will be. 
As Good as I Could Be: A Memoir of Raising Wonderful Children in Difficult Times, by Susan Cheever. A touchstone for all parents who are doing the best they can, Cheever reveals the challenges, the joys, and the heartbreaks of being a parent using the domestic details of her family’s life.
What Our Children Teach Us: Lessons in Joy, Love, and Awareness, by Piero Ferrucci. Ferrucci reveals how the journey of parenthood can be a spiritual path, a succession of experiences that can enrich and transform us like no religious retreat or course of psychotherapy ever could.
Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect Our Children’s Minds – for Better and Worse, by Jane M. Healy, Ph.D. In this guide to kids and computers, the author examines the advantages and drawbacks of computer use for kids at home and school, exploring its effects on their health, mental development, and creativity.
Keeping Your Kids Grounded When You're Flying by the Seat of Your Pants, by Tim Jordan, MD, and Sally Tippett Rains. A practical guide to modern day parenting. Even the busiest of families can learn how to keep the closeness and cooperation needed for a happy, healthy family life. 
How to Be a Great Parent to Your New Baby, by Rajan "Ray" Koshy. Learn basic parenting techniques and some secrets to being a great parent to your infant. 
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