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real estate tax lien certificates...the Rogue Real Estate Investor Book and Course.

Educating Your Child eBooks

Test Your Childs Abilities, by Peter Ashley. Download a colorful and fun IQ test for children and test both overall intelligence and five different categories of intelligence.
Fun With Figures, by Kenneth Williams. Learn the easy ways of doing mental math. Suitable for both adults and kids.
The Comma, by Marlena Bartolome. Educational ebook for children 6-18 years old. Covers basic usage of the comma in lists, series, introductory elements, independent clauses, parenthetical elements, and more.
Grammar -- For Kids!, by Marlena Bartolome. Educational ebook for children ages 6-12 years old. Introduces the basic parts of speech -- covers nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, and more. Designed especially to appeal to children.
How to Raise a Brighter Child: The Case for Early Learning, by Joan Beck. Incorporates groundbreaking scientific findings on brain development to help you boost your child's potential from birth. Discover specific early learning techniques to aid your child's development of his or her mind - in his or her own personal style and at the appropriate speed.
The Educated Child: A Parent’s Guide from Preschool Through Eighth Grade, by William J. Bennett, Chester E. Finn, Jr., and John T. E. Cribb, Jr. Former Secretary of Education Bennett provides an educational road map from earliest childhood to the threshold of high school. It gives parents hundreds of practical suggestions for helping each child succeed while showing what to look for in a good school and what to watch out for in a weak one.
Shared Threads: Finding Fulfillment in At-Home Parenting, by S. G. Birch. Journey through the financial alternatives, the spiritual enlightenment, and the imaginative options that make at-home parenting a delightful reality. 
The ABC's of Autism: An overview and guide for parents and teachers, by William Killion. A review of autism including theories of causation and therapeutic concepts. Sample lesson plans included.
Teaching with Developmental Disabilities using a Sight Reading Approach, by William Killion. An overview of the process of learning to read with special emphasis toward people with special needs. Practical techniques are presented with emphasis toward sight reading.

Protecting Children Online: Simple Steps Revealed, by Chuon Yuen Ooi. This ebook is about various dangers of the Internet that children face, and 10 simple steps to avoid them. These dangers include pornography, pedophiles, violence, foul language and many others.

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