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Children's Picture eBooks

Gifts from God, by Cynthia Reeg. This simple but profound book highlights 12 heavenly gifts. Combining beginning reader sentences and Bible quotations with breathtaking photographs, Gifts from God is an inspiring read for young and old.
Taking Responsibility Builds Trust, by Karen Sue Weisner. Book 1, Making Good Choices Series. This series is an interactive set of stories and illustrations designed to help parents and kids understand each other and to work together toward making good decisions.
Who Owns the River?, by Helen Lepp Friesen. A fisherman argues with a fish about who owns the river, a farmer  with a wheat stalk about who owns the land, and a hunter  with a bird about who owns the sky.
Squeaky Squirrel, by Susan Droney. Squeaky Squirrel is a shy little squirrel with a squeaky voice. When he meets Sally Squirrel he learns that what is most important is being liked for who you are on the inside.
Angelo and the Spanish Steps, by Dorothy Francis. In centuries past, what young errand boy managed to influence a Spanish ambassador, a French priest, and the pope? Find the answer in this ebook.
Sounds I Can Hear In a Car, by Jennifer Leese. Join a family on a car trip and see what they see, and hear what they hear. With beautiful pictures and enchanting sounds.
Halloween Tales and Treats, by Christina Lewis. An eBook the whole family will enjoy! With summaries of 12 fun and spooky Halloween books for kids, 24 recipes for tasty Halloween treats and 12 great Halloween pictures to print and color!
A Gift for Roo, by Ariana Overton. A seven-year-old girl, living with her father, a Biologist in the local University in Australia, is trying to cope with the loss of her mother and her loneliness.
The Plumber and the Wishing Well, by Liam Maher. A Plumber doesn't have enough money for his children's Christmas presents. His friend, a bird called Tupo Hoopoe, decides to try and help.
Bicycles (A Story About Marriage), by Rod Lenfest. When little girls and little boys are born each one comes with a set of very strange parts -- a wheel, a seat, a chain, two pedals, a handlebar, and a lot of pipes...
Being Kind to George, by Jo Dunningham. Set in a beautiful Country Park nestling in the heart of Wiltshire, England, it tells the tale of how man can affect the wildlife around him.
The Littlest Cowboy, by Janean Nusz. Jacob is a little boy who is in a hurry to grow up and be just like the big cowboys on his Dad's ranch.

Cody Knows, by Karen Sue Weisner. This picture book follows the imagination and adventures of a single day in the life of an Indiana Jones-wanna-be toddler.

Bows for Pigel's Nose, by Jennifer Leese. Whenever Pigel Piglet searches for truffles he doesn't watch where he is going. One day, he bumps his snout into a tree. His barnyard friends have a few hilarious remedies for Pigel's swollen nose.

Tiffy's Tango, by Tina Zang. Tiffy is a giraffe who lives and works at the Circus Tortolli. She finds her job at the box office utterly boring and decides to surprise everybody by teaching herself a headstand.
Flying Freddo, by Tina Zang. Freddo is the youngest tiger at the Circus Tortolli and he's eager to learn all the tricks the other tigers perform. But he's also pretty sensitive, touchy and easily scared....
Blue Paint, by Liam Maher. John gets a job as a painter. A grumpy-looking little man walks under John's ladder and accuses John of dripping blue paint all over his lovely new hat. He demands John give him money to buy another one....
Lilly Loller's Always Late, by Janean Nusz. Poor Lilly, she's always late! Late, late, late! Find out what life is like for Lilly as she lolls, lags and lingers. 
Kelly's Baby Brother, by Rita Toews. Kelly has a new baby brother and things just aren't the same. The baby's crying gets him all the attention. Kelly tries to act like a baby, but even that doesn't work.
Jordie's School Day Adventure, by Jennifer Leese. It is Jordie's first day of pre-school. She's excited and ready to go. That is, until she gets to school and sees all the children. Now, she's ready to go home.
Willy's Valentine, by Rita Hestand. Willy, the hard of hearing little duck, has found a friend, or has he? Willy thinks Waffles is the cutest duck in the pond, too bad she doesn't feel the same way about him. Whatever could be wrong?
Chip's Sharing Day, by Linda Derkez. Cousin Dorcas is visiting today and Chip's mother tells him he must share his toys because it's kind and nice and fair to share.
The Old Man and the Toads, by Bonnie Mercure. This is a story about a lonely old man who makes the most unusual of friends -- the toads in his garden. Toads who will teach him how to be a whole person.
Johnny Jingle, by Thomas Zarraonandia. A children's book about a boy and his funny shadow, this is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book for 2-12 year olds, and early readers. 
One to Ten...and Home Again: A Counting Book of Sounds, by Heather Haapoja. A delightful introduction to reading, this interactive e-picture book welcomes your child to a world of sights and sounds through colorful illustrations, rhyming verse and clickable sound buttons.
Because I Said So, by Dotti Enderle. Logan knows all the rules, yet he still asks, "Why?" After Mom repeatedly gives him her standard answer, he lovingly gives it back. Ages: 2 to 4. 
Masport and Murray, by Cathrene Howe. This is a story about two goat friends. When someone tries to force them apart, Murray comes up with a plan. It won't keep them together, but must surely save Masport from a terrible fate. Will the friends ever see each other again?
The Adventures of Minky, by Aileen MacLeod. A story about an adorable family pet, named Minky. She is a Siamese kitten who just can't keep away from mischief. It is just as well that cats have nine lives!
There's a Dinosaur in My Closet, by Denise & Greg Michel. Artie is a baby apatosaurus. He hides in Dave's closet. Dave helps Artie overcome his fear of big places. Artie discovers bananas in the kitchen and a wonderful friend in Dave.
The Elephant Waits, by Janet Brazel. Wilma is waiting for something. But she's keeping it a secret. Can the animals guess what Wilma's secret is? Or will they have to wait too?
Kangaroo's Visitor Gets A Surprise, by Peter Taylor. What is this invention all the other animals are talking about? Koala decides to find out ... but will he ever be the same again? What a surprise! What a laugh! A picture story-book for children aged 2-8.

Percy Ignatius Gammon, by Gail Breese. Percy is a thinking pig. He ponders such questions as why don't clouds fall down and how does the wind know which way to go. One day he decides to find out, but is this a safe thing for a pig to do?

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