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Children's eBooks - General Fiction

Jack's First Fish, by Lou Tognola. A day in the life of a little boy who enjoys his  visits to his doting Nanny and Granddad. This book is presented in two languages, English and Italian. 
George and His Magic Mirror, by Debra Scatasi. George has been left a mirror in his Grandfather's will. This is not just any mirror, it is an extraordinary mirror which will take George on trips into fantasy lands and lead to many great adventures. 
A Clearing in the Woods, by Rachel Rice. One day, Rosemary spots a little racoon family in a clearing in the woods near her house. She decides to share food with the racoon and the other animals who live in the clearing.
Su Lig's Kite, by Jo Ann Rohr. With the help of an astrologer, some kites and the people in the kingdom, Su Ling masterminds a plan to save her kingdom.
Mrs Radvelli's Bloomers, by Suzanne Male. If Mrs Radvelli had known that the elastic had broken in her bloomers she could have saved herself from some embarrassment on her shopping trip. A lively, animated story e-book for ages 5 to 8 years
Wu-lung & I-lung: Love Lasts Forever, by M. LaVora Perry. In ancient China, faithful son I-lung is guilt-ridden when forced to disobey his father's dying wish. But he soon discovers that his actions led his father and many others to great happiness. Ages 5 and up.
And Dreams Lost Along the Way, by Caterina Christakos. This magical story "told in an epic style poem is a feat of rhythym and rhyme...." 
If I Could Remember All the Things She Forgot, by Caterina Christakos. To grandma's house again I go / to collect the pieces of so long ago. / Each time I pass through grandma's gate / I know an adventure will surely await.   
Under The Bed, by Leah Michelle. A small boy is too scared to sleep -- what can it be that is under the bed and scaring him so much? A lovely picture book with rhyming narrative.
Peter's Red Bike, by Carol Wells. Little Peter learns a valuable lesson in how to take responsibility for his toys when he believes that his new bike has disappeared because of his own carelessness. 
The Lizard of Oz, Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome, Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils, Tiger in the Intercom, and See You Later Elevator, by Richard Seltzer. Five books aimed at children 9-12 years old. 
The Legend of Koolura, by Michael L. Thal. This is a story of a sixth grade Armenian girl and how she obtained the cool powers. She has the ability to dematerialize at will and rematerialize where she chooses. She can move objects with her mind and she can even defy gravity! The question is if these powers will be of any use in stopping a stalker intent on the destruction of Koolura and her friends. 
No More Gooseberry Pie!, by Dorothy Thompson. In this children's story of a little peasant boy who loves gooseberry pies, the author depicts an imaginary land in order to teach young readers the ramifications of telling "tall tales." 

Brad Simpson and the Ghostly Field (A Heartstopper Horror), by Robin Vogel. Talented eleven-year-old actor Brad Simpson is more than ready to settle down with a steady role on "The Pioneers," an exciting new TV show. But what if the set is haunted?

Crabbo and Clever Crabbo, by Wendy Nichols. Two mid-grade readers in one volume about 10-year-old Mark and his mate Crabbo the talking crab.
Mysterious Chills and Thrills, by Laura Hickey.  A great book for reading around the campfire, at sleepovers, or at parties for kids ages 6-12 years old. Contains 10 short stories of adventure, mystery and magic.
The Wild Virtual Enchanted Garden, by Koty Lapid. The book about Lorie and her mother who is a fashion designer who sells her digital clothes. It starts out showing helping her mother. As the story unfolds, Lorie finds herself experiencing a great adventure.
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