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Children's eBooks - Adventure Series

Circus Sammy, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Sammy's new adventure takes him to the circus where he expects to have fun. Unintentionally, he suddenly becomes a part of the circus instead of being a spectator. 
Sammy Star: Bob, The Yellow Bulldozer, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Sammy Star is back again with some new friends. This time, he faces a big problem when he tries to get his work done. Will Sammy be able to solve the problem? 
The Easter Alligator, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). If Alligator and Hen have their way about it, Easter will never be the same. Each has a plan for what she feels should be done about the egg-laying activities and each feels she is an expert on the subject. Should Bunny be worried? 
Sammy Star Goes to the Moon, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Sammy Star's new adventure takes him to the moon where he makes several interesting discoveries, one of which gets him into trouble. How will Sammy get away after he is captured? 
Sammy Star in Something Fishy, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). In this Sammy Star adventure, Sammy Star and his friends discover that the best of intentions can result in disaster. They also conclude that pets and aquariums are not the best combination. 
Sammy Star in Space, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Join Sammy as he goes into space this time. Children can easily relate to Sammy Star as the loveable character takes them on different flights of imagination. 
Sammy Star: Making New Trails, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Sammy Star and his best friend, Randy, are back with a brand new adventure, but this time they get into some very difficult and dangerous spots. Exploring can be hazardous, as the friends discover. 
Sammy Star: Mt. Marshmallow, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Sammy Star and his friends have a new and very dangerous adventure ahead of them - climbing Mount Marshmallow. The challenges will be great and everyone in the group will have to work very hard to scale this mountain. They need to battle the weather and the terrain to get to the top. Will they make it? 
Sammy Star: The Jelly Belly Bandit, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). Sheriff Sammy is back with another adventure in the Sammy Star series and this time, Sammy must keep his town safe from a robber. 
Sammy's Campout, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). In Sammy Star's newest adventure, he and his family go camping. Although each has a job to do, Sammy tries to be helpful to everyone else in the family but no one seems to need him. Just as it appears that each person has everything under control, something goes wrong and just as suddenly, everyone now calls for Sammy to help. 
Sammy Star's Day on the Water, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). In this Sammy Star adventure, Sammy Star and his friend Randy are so busy playing in the park that their imagination and enthusiasm soon gets them into trouble. They also learn that, while imagination is a wonderful thing, there is also something to be said for real life and that it is good to be themselves. 
Sheriff Sammy, by Kim Nasr (illustrated by Kim Nasr). The first in a series of Sammy Star Adventures that is sure to captivate the hearts and imaginations of small readers. Children can follow and relate to many of Sammy's adventures as he and his friends do and try different things.
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