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You can earn 16% to 240% or more through government tax foreclosure sales and
real estate tax lien certificates...the Rogue Real Estate Investor Book and Course.


Business eBooks

Strategic Management and Planning, by Steve Underhill. Strategic business/marketing planning is essential and it need not be expensive. Learn to “self strategize.” Complete with instructions, this ebook contains worksheets on 41 relevant strategic topics.
How to Dramatically Increase your Sales, Profit & Customer/Client Base in 2 Weeks!, by Nelson Babs. Nelson B. Babs, a renowned International Business and Information Technology Consultant, has in this book explained effective strategies and techniques for rapid sales improvement and business growth. 
How to Become a Top Salesperson, by Paul Irving. Discover how you can increase your sales, 100% guaranteed. Selling master reveals all his secrets.
RainCatcher: Help From Above For Christian Entrepreneurs, by Curtis Mosley. This ebook contains 67 topics about working with God in your business. Learn how to accept God's blessings! 
Super Mega Download, by Advanced Marketing. Over 10,000 items including 400+ e-books, articles, re-prints, children's books, classic books, home business, how-to articles, formulas, and marketing all from an easy to use e-book. 
Make Your Own NCR Business Forms, by Patrick Ryan. An easy way to save money and make your own multiple part business forms. Why buy 100 or more forms only to find out you need to change something? This way you make a few, try them and see if the form is correct. Easy to do and will work on both laser and ink jet printers.
Beware Shoplifters, by Patrick Ryan. How to spot shoplifters and increase the security for your retail store. 
1000+ Free Business Tips & Ideas, by Stephen Underhill. A collection of business-based tips, comments, ideas and articles. Some literal, some lateral, many logical and all common sense.
Unlimited PayPal Profits!, by Curtis Winton. The "Unlimited PayPal Profits" money-making system was designed for one reason only: to guarantee people (like you) an online income as quickly and as easily as possible. 
How to Become a Successful Solo Professional -- Guidance and Inspiration, by Milana Leshinsky. Practical guide on transitioning to self-employed professional. Solo business owners: make more money, get better clients, earn global recognition. Great for those wanting to leave their job to go solo. 
Home Business Success Tips, by B. B. Lee. Leap past the usual hurdles in starting a home-based business by reading this collection of well researched informative home business articles. 
Capitalistic Musings, by Sam Vaknin. Critical analysis of the foundations and tenets of capitalism and of the dismal science -- economics. 
The 10 Strategies of Highly Effective Salespeople, by Pete Nelson. Discover the most effective, impactful and easy to apply sales and business development strategies to enhance and grow your business and career.
The Red Book: How to Expand Your Business Safely, by Ann Marosy. How to use the same accounting and financial systems and strategies as large, successful businesses do to expand safely.
Cost Containment, by Gene Constant. A must-read for any manager, anywhere. Reduce the cost of goods and services you are already writing checks for, while increasing productivity! 
Negotiate Your Way to Riches, by Peter Wink. You'll never lose at the bargaining table again. This ebook will strengthen your negotiating skills. 
How To Autorun a CD, by Ed Zivkovic. Distributing CD's that will autostart the moment they are inserted into the CD ROM drive looks professional! Now, it's easy to Autorun exe and Autorun html from a CD. In 5 easy steps, this ebook will show you how to get CD's to Autostart. 
Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character, by John Di Frances. This ebook on leadership goes straight to the heart of the issues facing the corporate community. It exposes the problem that caused the current business crisis and provides the solution. 
Operational risk management - Controlling opportunities and threats, by Simon Walker. The main focus is to de-mystify operational risk management and make it a useful tool for management. 
You Never Know What You Don't Know, by Patricia Pitsel, Ph.D. This self-help book will take you through the ABC's of common sense that will make you more successful in the business world. Each letter of the alphabet deals with something specific to a manager or supervisor's role with the topics presented in a humorous light. While the issues and guidelines covered may sound like common sense to many, it is surprising that many managers don't seem to know them - or follow them in practice.  
What Happens Next... Unique Brainstorming Methods, by Neil Bartlett. Learn a simple brainstorming system that can be used to create hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services.  
Objections! Objections! Objections!, by Gavin Ingham. How to conquer objections and explode sales performance. A "How-to" that's a must read for anyone involved in selling anything.
The Top 10 Ways to Create a Better Workplace, by Leigh Farnell. Here are 10 sure fire ways to make any workplace better.
Automated Profit Generators, by Jimmy Brown.This ebook tells you how to generate profits with a remote control system.
Notary Riches – The Signing Agent Home Study Course, by George Puckett. This course is designed to get you off to a fast start in this notary signing agent business. It will take you step-by-step from becoming a notary to becoming a notary signing agent.
Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed, by Bennet Simonton. The whats, whys and hows of unleashing the full potential of employee innovation, productivity, motivation and commitment. Achieve significant employee performance improvements with everyone loving to come to work.
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