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Breaking the Gaze, by David Meade Betts. A true story of transformation: intriguing, humorous and irreverent! An entertaining real life adventure which takes place in the US during the tumultuous sixties.

Life On Santa Claus Lane, by Darrell Bain. If you can get through this book without laughing until your ribs are sore, you are a rare exception and haven't got a funny bone in your body.

Fallen: Confessions of a Disbarred Lawyer, by Anonymous, Esq. A memoir of recklessness and deceit. The true story of one lawyer's disgraceful decline into incompetence and his ultimate disbarment.
The Return of the Prodigal Daughter, by Lucy Boutaleb. A story of a teenage runaway called Lucy who went through hell and triumphed in the face of adversity, narrowly missing death and survived to tell a true "stranger than fiction" story. 20% of the book's sale proceeds will be donated to reputable charity organisations helping directly Missing and Exploited Children worldwide.
Rising From The Ashes, by Michael LaRocca. [search by author] How Mom raised 2 sons alone. She overcame rape, abuse, abuse, alcoholism, and the death of the man she loved. I'm the one everyone thought would be dysfunctional. My brother's the one who killed himself.
Growth Rings, by Craig Maciolek. "There is more to evolution than can be measured in a fossil." -- Growth Rings. I was logging in Colorado. A life that was perfect for me. One day I decided to leave, and I had to make some sense of it. 
I Love You Forever - Love, Sweetheart, by Fred Haley. Losing a loved one is never easy. Find out how one man dealt with the loss of his wife by writing her love letters, all signed with her favorite name for him - Sweetheart.
Eat First – You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You: The Adventures of an Immigrant Family and Their Feminist Daughter, by Sonia Pressman Fuentes. The poignant, often hilarious, and always fascinating story of Sonia Pressman Fuentes, one of the founders of the Second Wave of the women's movement, and her family.
Plateau of Satisfaction, by Andy Bigg. The author, born in the United Kingdom in 1915, has endured two world wars, a major depression and great success as a newspaperman for one of the UK's greatest publishing organizations. Emigrating to Canada in the 1940's would bring years of hardship.... 
Prometheus in Bondage or All the Girls I Should Have Kissed, by Kent D. Boklan. These are not memoirs of an extraordinary life. They are the texture of a fabric woven of playfulness and of lingering regret. Ultimately, these memoirs are part of a quest for sensual redemption.
The Unsinkable Spirit: In Search Of Love, Adventure & Riches, by Boris and Shirley King. [click on nonfiction page 1] The authors bought a ship and sailed off to the South Pacific eager to discover new adventures. Does it pay to live your dreams? 
Panama Padre, by Samuel Moss Loveridge. [click on nonfiction page 1] An account of Loveridge's life and work in Panama during the period 1900 - 1919. The book covers his challenges as a missionary, an unofficial social worker, a medic and a prison visitor. 
A Fascination for Fish: Adventures of an Underwater Pioneer, by David C. Powell. A wonderful tale of Powell’s adventures (and misadventures) as he worked to capture the essence of the ocean and bring it to public view. 
Prozac Diary, by Lauren Slater. The author describes in this provocative and funny memoir the ups and downs of living on Prozac for ten years, and the strange adjustments she had to make to living a "normal life."  
Son For All Seasons: A Story about a Mother, Her Son, and His Suicide, by Patricia Spork. Discover how one mother overcame despair and suicide ideation, and learn the details leading up to and after her 19-year-old son's self-inflicted death. 
Octagon The Early Years, by Ryan Kelly. Ryan Kelly's memoir is a true account of a young boy's life set in the time frame of 1943 to 1960. Ryan shares a unique view of a boy dealing with a dysfunctional family and his sexual identity.

Growing Up Mostly Normal in the Middle of Nowhere: a Memoir, by John Sheirer. With the depth of a memoir and the flow of a novel, Sheirer chronicles how his simple youth of farm, sports, school, nature, and family led him to an unlikely adulthood as an author and college professor.

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