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The Weapon Director, by Richard Gough. Richard Gough was just 23 years old when the Falklands conflict took place in 1982. He was the youngest weapons director to take part in the conflict.
The Journey of a Common Man, by Alan Brooker. The journey of New Zealand author Alan Brooker from colonial India during the last days of the British Raj to the New Zealand of the 21st Century and many fantastic universes in his mind.
Valentino: Icon of Romance, by Julia Ann Charpentier. Based on over one hundred rare sources, this biography of actor Rudolph Valentino will thrill romantics and fans of silent film.
The Price of Freedom, by Alex Domokos, with Rita Y. Toews. After World War II, Mr. Domokos spent six years as a slave laborer in Russia, then was exiled within his native Hungary. He fled in 1956 but had to leave their infant daughter behind. 
Metal Men: Marc Rich and the $10 Billion Scam, by A. Craig Copetas. Find out how Rich pulled off the $10 billion scam, becoming one of America's most wanted criminals, and how other traders have used the same model to evade taxes as well. 
Rivers in the Desert, by Margaret Leslie Davis. This book follows the remarkable career of William Mulholland, the visionary who engineered the rise of Los Angeles as the greatest American city west of the Mississippi. 
Duke, by Bill Gutman. Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington was one of jazz’s greatest innovators. Explore the fascinating life of this legend from his birth at the turn of the century to his death at the age of seventy-five. 
Butterfly in the Wind, by Rei Kimura. This is the true story of the tragic life of Okichi Saito who became the pawn to placate Townsend Harris, the first American Consul to Japan in the turbulent mid 1800's when Japan was being forced to open its doors to the West. This poignant love story takes place during a period in history when the "Black Ships" arrived in Japan and changed many lives, especially those of Okichi and her financé and lover, Tsurumatsu. 
Who! ...Me?, by Sharon Kuntz. This is the biography of an ordinary man with a penchant for getting in and out of trouble throughout his life. It wasn't that Pius looked for trouble. It just seemed to find him and, if not for an inordinate amount of luck, Pius surely would have had a short life.
The Man Who Fell from the Sky, by William Norris. The true story of the gaudy life and bizarre demise of '20s tycoon Alfred Loewenstein, and the modern-day quest to solve the tantalizing mystery of his death.
Snowbird: The Rise and Fall of a Cocaine Smuggler, by William Norris. The cautionary tale of Andrew Barnes' descent into hell: how it happened, and what it was like to serve the cocaine barons whom he ultimately betrayed.
Fritz, by Martin Shepard. Fritz Perls described himself as a "mediocre psychoanalyst" who became "the possible creator of a 'new' method of treatment" - Gestalt Therapy. His wife described him as half prophet, half bum. The author offers a holistic view of Fritz in this book. 
Babe Ruth: His Life and Legend, by Kal Wagenheim. Babe Ruth is remembered for his dramatic heroism not only on the baseball diamond but also in his life. 
The Legendary Mae West, by Tabatha Yeatts. Comedic actor, writer, and superstar Mae West broke all the rules in her eighty-year career. 
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